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Essay on Racial discrimination and struggle for Equality

Essay on Racial discrimination and struggle for Equality

There have been numerous practices in our society that have created differences on the basis of caste, creed, race, sex and religious beliefs. One of such practices which evolved and was practiced systematically during the colonial period of history was Racism. The discrimination in the society on the basis of racial differences is known as racism and it is a significant social issue which relates to the era of colonialism that has its root back to 1500s.

Basically the racial differences in spite of being naturally occurring became the basis for systems of exploitation and discrimination.

Racial discrimination and struggle for Equality
India as a nation is divided on the basis of color, caste, religion and gender. The advent of globalization has led to the concentration of money in the hands of few which has created a new line for dividing us that is wealth. Discrimination by color and social standing are the most prominent ones in the prevailing Indian society. We are becoming xenophobic day by day. This has been an accepted norm since years that those with loads of money and fair skin are better than others. We feel cultural self-discrimination ingrained inside us while we are abroad and then we also blame foreigners for being racist to Indians living in their country. On the other side, we are racist towards people from our own country.

There have been incidences where North East people have faced discrimination against themselves from North Indians. Even their dwelling places are attacked. A guy from Bihar is being hated from a guy from Mumbai for no valid reason. South Indians while travelling to North Indian states are teased with words like "Mallu" and "Kaalu". These are the worst kind of squalor of human decency.

We don't even spare the foreigners visiting our country from teasing by calling names like Hapshees" and "Negroes". The word "Chinkee" comes out of our mouths immediately while spotting someone with slightly oriental features. A nation cannot command respect with these types of filthy behavior.

This is a blatant truth that India is featured as a “racist and sexist” country amongst foreign tourists who come with advises from their respective embassies about taking cautions for their safety, life and dignity while their stay in India. It is almost like racial attack and is a matter of extreme shame. We can't say we are proud to be in such a state. Racism is a prevalent issue in our country to such an extent that we don't feel ashamed to even being racist towards our own selves. In our desperation to change the perception of the world about Indians, we are running blindly to prove that we are modern, educated and rich so that we are not called the land of snake charmers anymore. We deny accepting our roots, origin and in this blind rat race, we even leave behind our values, traditions and culture.

Refugees from Bangladesh and Nepal live in a squalor and filthy condition. To discriminate them for their poverty is a completely made-up idea without any logic. They are treated as virtual citizens follow numerous practices of their own at times treated as non human beings.

The proud lines of unity in diversity are boosted now and then, but cases of racial discrimination on such a massive extent make the authenticity of such lines questionable. Thus we all Indians are divided into different citizenries. Every state of India and every other province portray different style, skin color, culture and character. Our capital has turned into the breeding ground of racial discrimination. It's surprising and shameful to know that the students from North eastern states experience most of the discrimination in Delhi. The recent cases of misbehaviors towards many students from North eastern states have once again portrayed the real hollow condition of India where we just fake about being one but in true sense are deeply full of hatred, indifferences and malice towards each other.

Newspapers are flooded with news on racism being faced by women and girls from North Eastern states of India. Quite often we ourselves spot Manipuri or Assamese women being abused or teased by men in Delhi. But we hardly care about interfering as somewhere within ourselves we also have an indifferent feeling towards them. We also make fun of these people from North East by calling them names like "Chinese" or "Chinkee". This is not just shameful but also a very disheartening situation that calls for awakening of our sleeping souls.

A recent incident of a North Eastern boy being beaten up to death in a Lajpat Nagar locality of New Delhi has outraged the whole youth community and students from North East India, has also raised questions of India's sincerity towards the ideology- "Unity in Diversity". It is sorrowful and very disturbing to hear to such mishaps every now and then. We must question ourselves where are we leading to?" Are we actually developing as a nation that stands united in times of troubles Are we in real sense a nation with varied cultural beliefs yet bonded by the thread of nationality Are we actually Indians seeking the path of brotherhood and peace or are these mere shove remaining part of the world?

Even the oldest democratic country the U.S.A is not free from this malady. A regular tussle between the whites and blacks is a shameful act to such developed nations. This is the result of mass immigration of people of different countries to the United States.

There has been a UN Global Conference on racism in 2001 in which all nations were good at being critical but when it came to them, they were uncomfortable talking about the same. For example, Israel and U.S. were not in view of discussing the possibility that Zionism is racist against Palestinians and this debate led to both of them stepping out of the conference. It was also discussed that the demands for less skilled workers particularly in North America and Europe do not lead to increase attacking foreign workers. India refused to include any discussions based on caste discrimination India is never comfortable talking about such issues. But then, when are we comfortable or bothered about talking sincerely about such topics in public? We just care about raising voices when certain movie's name appears hurting to our religious sentiments. We are good at following others blindly but not sincere and genuine enough to think what needs to be thought. Then what will happen to the people held in bondage?

Today racism is not that blatant but it has not even gone completely too. It has become more common though and yet subtler than earlier. It will surely take a long before this scourge gets completely eroded from our society but for that much-more powerful and superhuman means are required. Until and unless we realize the gruesomeness of such incidences ourselves, we can never change for real and better.



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