Saturday, 12 January 2019

Essay on Importance of Value Education in english

Essay on Importance of Value Education in english

Values the term may sound small but it covers a lot of aspects. We all hear about how this term defines a human being, but do we actually know what it means? Values are the principles that help in improving the quality of our life. They summarize the do's and don'ts of proper code of conduct and behavior. They are the fundamentals of how one's character and personality shapes up Values that originate from within our hearts such as love, compassion, empathy, tolerance, sympathy etc define our external behavior. But in today's fast paced selfish world, values have lost their essence. It is important to instill in humans that valuables are priced but the values are priceless.

There is an ever increasing need of value education to bring back humanity in the human race. Value education is the process by which values are transmitted in people. This education begins from your home and can also be taken at schools, colleges, seminars, youth organizations, and religious organizations and even in jails. Value education is inculcated in human beings by two approaches first is when people learn and grasp a set of values that come from societal or religious rules or cultural ethics. Second is when people examine their surroundings, environment and people and realize on their own, what is the correct ethical behavior that is good for themselves as well as the society. It can be conducted as a seminar or an activity in any organization and system wherein people who are older, experienced and in a position of authority assess and evaluate unambiguously the values that underline their and others behavior, determining the effectiveness of such values and associated behavior for their own and society's long term general well being and inculcating the ones that are more effective and useful for everyone. Nowadays people have become more materialistic. In a bid to earn and possess more wealth, they are compromising on their values, principles, character and honesty. This has resulted in flagrant and rampant corruption, immorality, illegitimate activities and violence, which is gradually destroying the foundation of our society, country and world. Thus there is an immediate need to re-introduce the education dealing specifically with human values. There is an urgent need to fabricate an education system which also focuses on values, morals and life skills that build the basic structure of humanity.

The best time to start with value education is at the very tender age when a child's mind is like soft clay and can be molded to any desired shape. Thus, adolescence is the best time and age to impart value education so that the correct impressions formed in the child's mind can guide him throughout his life. Values define the thin line between good and bad. Human values can be easily evoked in a child in his school where he spends a maximum of eight hours by making him "experience and "live" the values. Love is the most substantial facet in implementing the value education in three ways: the independent approach, the integrated approach, and the subtle approach. Children learn more by observing, perceiving, experiencing and their intuition, instead of being told or taught about values. They grasp and assimilate the nuances of codes of behavior from their immediate environment at home and school. Thus parents and teachers need to present themselves as efficient role models if they want the child to develop good moral values and character. It is them whom the children look up for guidance. 

Realizing how important it is to instill values in children at an early age, schools should emphasize on value education as part of their curriculum. And for that, trained educators and teachers should be hired who are specialized to provide values through various fun activities and games. In our country, several religious organizations like Sathya Sai Organization, Art of Living, Brahma Kumaris etc have initiated many value education programs. Here irrespective of the religion and culture, universal values like honesty, trust, responsibility, compassion etc., are given utmost importance. These organizations are secular in their approach. NCERT has set up a National Resource Centre for Value Education (NRCVE) for promoting value education in schools or in the form of informal or formal classes.



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