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Essay on Importance of planning in life

Essay on Importance of planning in life

Importance of planning in life
“A goal without a plan is a desired wish”, this quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery describes how important a proper plan is to achieve the desired goals. We all have set goals which we wish to attain in future. Some of these goals are materialistic, while some are physical and psychological goals. These goals can be big or small and short term or long term. A life without goals is not worth living for. A goal in life drives one to move and look forward towards something. A life without goals and plans to reach them is like a ship that has set with no destination. Goals also differ from age to age. A student might have a goal to achieve 100 per cent marks in certain subject, whereas a working person may have set goals which are more materialistic in terms of buying a car or a house. But a plan is incomplete, if there are no efforts made to achieve them. Planning is not just a plan which is done once. This is a continuous process which goes on until you have reached your desired goals. To achieve and ensure success in all the aspects of life, one must make a plan.

Many factors influence the achievement of goals. Efforts, discipline, planning are the most important and crucial factors which define how quickly you can reach your desired goal. Management of time and different tasks is also a key to attainment of goals and targets quickly. It is rather correct to say that planning and management go hand in hand. Planning is the most basic function of management. It encompasses everything from determining the objectives to selecting courses of action that will lead to the achievement of predetermined objectives. Planning is a diverse area which implies looking forward and deciding in advance what is to be done, when and where it is to be done, how and by whom it is to be done. Planning involves thorough study of the objectives participating into the problems which will acts as potholes in the road to achieve the goals and then effectively analysed to be a success. This can be done only, if proper thinking is done before acting towards objectives.

Planning as a process is gradual and continuous. It is always goal-oriented and involves choice among alternative courses of action. It is also a continuous or on-going process. It enables us to do things in an orderly and efficient manner. Proper planning is a tedious task which involves calculations and alternatives to overcome the problems which will come on the way towards achieving the goals. The planning process involves making a plan, executing it, reviewing it and then revising it. It all moves in a circle. You cannot just make a plan and imagine to have reached your goal. It is not always necessary that the plan you have made has undertaken all the hindrances into consideration. You need to strategize your plans, keeping in mind the priorities also. The plan needs continuous check before and after it is executed and run. Based upon how the plan is moving, you can review and revise it at any given point of time. Simple tasks such as chores and life routines to more complex things like life and work goals, all need planning and preparation.

To achieve goals, one should start slow. This can be done by bifurcating; the larger ultimate goal into many small goals. With the attainment of each small goal, you get the direction and confidence to take up the challenges to reach to the next goal. You can make proper arrangements before taking up the next challenge in your road towards goal. It is helpful for better achievement of goals. It enables the person to face any uncertainty and change. It also syncs and correlates the person with the near future. It provides solution to the questions like, what actions are necessary to achieve the desired goals, why are these actions necessary, where will these actions take place, when will these actions take place; and how will these actions take place. Good planning helps to keep the plan up to date. This, planning is a prerequisite to every effective action.
Continuous planning embarks a journey towards desired goals. Focus and dedication are two other factors which come into play when long term planning is concerned with the achievement of small term goals. Planning is dynamic in nature and the whole process is very complex. But if one looses focus and is not able to adapt, then the entire planning comes to halt. Determination and focus are the two sides of the coin which governs the planning process. Streamlining the smaller goals gives one encouragement and motivation to move towards the ultimate goal.

"Failing to plan is planning to fail”. This quote sums how each plan we make for attaining our objectives acts as step of the ladder to make us closer to our goals. This can be justified only if each plan that is made is implemented correctly and in right direction. Continuous planning, thus keeps your plans fresh and current. It can be a possibility that a plan A doesn't work as you have thought because of any reason. But to be successful, you should have a plan B ready so that you can immediately work upon it without wasting any time. The quote above may sound simple, but if one is resolute about being successful and prosperous and then they ought to follow this simple rule.



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