Monday, 14 January 2019

Essay on Future of Cloud Computing

Essay on Future of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been an innovation that hit the headlines to displace many of the established traditional computational methodologies in a very short period of time. A model service similar to electricity and water has caught the attention and focus of many researchers and scientists. This advancing technology witnessed setbacks and disapproval at the very nascent stage. The criticism demanded better concerns on security, privacy and governance. However, the famous Gartner hype curve has been hailing Cloud computing as the most hyped technology in their last two years projections.

To put it briefly, Cloud computing is “a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction". On the one hand, cloud exploits the set inventory of technologies; there is nothing new as it uses the established processes, concepts and approaches. On the other hand it is a new-found concept because it has revolutionized the way it hosts and caters the service to the customers.

Sixty years ago at the dawn of computers, there worked a warehouse-sized machine gulping coils of paper tape. Users were captive to the limitations of data and applications provided. This gradually sot replaced by Local Area Network and very lately emerged the technological advancement with the name of wireless applications (Wi-Fi). This couldn't suffice the insatiable growing population of global users. Cloud computing at this juncture emerged as a boon. The most famous use of Cloud computing is social networking sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, My space, Twitter, and many other. The Cloud has slowly taken the central position for data, applications, mobility and source of social media, multimedia and entertainment. The capacity of a Cloud is beyond any company to won it single handedly. Thus, they operate in collaboration. Social Networking is mainly used to share information with others. Of course, while doing this you are also sharing the information with the people who run the service. There are technological, economic and communicational advantages of using Cloud computing. Technologically, it is a step forward and economically it is less expensive. The sole area of concern is the security.

The unimaginable petabyte size storage and riveting speed has amazed many companies. This indicates that millions of people can download multi-billion-byte, high-definition and feature-length movies at the same time without slowing down or straining the internet. The first promising advantage of cloud computing in its cost-effectiveness, for example, Amazon offers Cloud computing services so web developers through its Amazon Web Services. At the time of writing, one could store 100 gigabytes of data a month and transfer in and out 20 gigabytes per month for just $20.60 (based on Amazon calculator). That is enough to service a sizeable agency. There is no need for individual maintenance, backup and updating. There are no sunk costs for applications like Microsoft Office. The Cloud is an excellent replacement for hard drives. The data on cloud is safe and stored will there are chances of crashing in a hard drive. The only hindrance in the widening of Cloud computing is its security restrictions. The data shared is prey to hacking and stealing,

Cloud computing has already penetrated into the everyday territory of internet and networking. According to Gartner's Hype cycle, Cloud computing has reached a maturity level that can enhance productivity multiple number of times. Most of the issues concerning Cloud computing are now resolved. However, there is enormous scope of exploring this arena to its fullest.



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