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When you Educate a Girl You educate a Nation Essay

When you Educate a Girl You educate a Nation Essay

If You Want a Good Mother, Sister and Wife, then Start Educating a Girl Child.
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A mother is the most genuine and loving being in a person's life. She has the purest of souls and kindest of hearts. She nurtures and supports not just her kid but the entire family. She enlightens the household with her wisdom and makes it a livable heaven by garnering it with love, care, generosity, insight, tenderness, availability and sincerity. She is the single soul that anyone can reach out to without fear and worry. To a mother, her kids are the foremost to be taken care of, to be heard and to be grown with everything they need for development.

Give a mother the right amount of resources and she will make her kids the best of all, for she will keep herself empty stomach and feed her kid with the limited food available and keep herself aware to make her kid grow in an intelligent, admirable and wise being. Adding to her attributes the right proportion of education, makes a sensible progress not just in lives of her family members but also in her neighborhood and the society to which she belongs.

A wife on the other hand is the beautiful incarnation of deity who leaves her patriarchal family to serve her husband’s. She dedicates her entire life in beautifying the household of her in-laws and in making her husband's life better and progressed. Besides her cordial and benevolent nature, a good wife requires to be educated to understand things in orderly manner and use her acumen in times of need and emergency. She can prove to be a humble support to her husband and provide him confident and help when he falls back. A woman, who is encouraged with education, is self-reliant and confident. She is empowered to take her own stance and fight for herself and her family. If she is educated, she knows its power and will never let her family suffer in lack of anything. With her knowledge, she will ignite the darkness and fill the void from the lives of her loved ones.

Modern world owes much to the famous inventor and American businessman, Thomas Edison Whatever he achieved in life would not have been possible without his mother taking a backseat and supporting him at the most crucial moments of life. He grew up to become the most influential figure of the millennium but his childhood narrates a different story. He was sent back to home with a letter by his teacher proclaiming him to be a dull child deeming him a victim of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). But, his mother Nancy Edison believed in him and was always sure of him. She withdrew him from school and began teaching him at home. Had she been uneducated, the world would not have witnessed a great personality like Thomas. Due to the efforts of an educated mother, the world was blessed with the electric bulb and thousands of other inventions to which Thomas Edison single-handedly held patent record in his name.

The single nightingale of India, the veteran singer Lata Mangeshkar is the eldest amongst her 5 siblings and she devoted her life to music and her siblings. Her parents passed away at a very early stage when she was merely 13 and the burden of entire family shifted on to her shoulders. A close friend of his family helped her get started in a career as a singer and actress. In order to up bring her younger brothers and sisters; she did not marry herself but ensured that her siblings get proper education and flourish along with their families. It was her dedication and truthfulness in nurturing the relations; that gifted the Indian music industry with a cluster of musical gems in form of famous singers from her family such as Asha Bhosle, Hridaynath Mangeshkar, Usha Mangeshkar and Meena Mangeshkar. Besides a great voice that she is gifted with, it was her education that remained a shield and significant weapon that helped her and her family achieve what they wanted.

A woman can be a good mother, wife and sister once she gets education and knows how to use her rights. She can be bold and beautiful at the same time. It's rather surprising but exhilarating to note that amongst the social activists who fought for the rights of women and their education, Mahatma Jyotirao Phule, being a male himself is the pioneer of girls' education in India. He and his wife, Savitribai Phule noticed the plight of women and organized a strike against the barbers in order to persuade them to stop shaving the heads of widow. Not just this, Savitribai Phule noticed the plight of women who fell prey to sexual exploitation and became pregnant and committed suicide or killed the newborn due to fear of banishment by the society. She opened a care centre for pregnant rape victims and helped deliver their children. She proved that a woman when enlightened with the flame of education can spread its brightness throughout the world and can nurture not just her family but also her fellow compatriots.

We can go on noting endless names and giving in numerous examples on how educated women can be resourceful for their family, fellow beings and the society in totality. They can be powerful and ingenious in letting their loved ones follow the right path and use their conscious and experience in progressing through stages of life.

Educating a woman should not be seen in singularity as a woman when educated, leads to the education of an entire nation. She is going to be an educated sister, wife and mother who will benefit everyone around with her quick-wittiness, boldness, creativity and cleverness. She will never let her family, her husband her siblings and her child suffer in ignorance and witlessness. She will always be their guiding soul and will positively contribute in laying the foundation of a progressive nation building. So, it's not just about me and you, it's about imparting education to every girl child in similar fashion as a boy is being educated. It's about giving every girl child in our locality, society, town, city, village, district, state, country and world her basic right the right to education; so that she progresses in order to let us all progress simultaneously.



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