Thursday, 6 December 2018

Understanding the Creation and Our Role

Understanding the Creation and Our Role

The empirical insights emanating from our everyday life experiences and the consequent cognitive comprehension of the intricacies of human ontology are quite revealing at times. Human life often appears so bright and beautiful. When everything goes well and smooth, one even desires immortality to continue clinging into the savouries of life. However, when the going gets tough and the tough never seems to be going, one also feels that one has had enough of the carnal pleasures to continue with this human sojourn in the spiritual journey of our existence. The truth, however, remains that the metaphysics of human life is too complex for the ordinary mortals like us to cognize the same.

One has often wondered the real motive behind the Creation of this Universe, the carnal world but so have many philosopher and logicians since the beginning of the existence of life on earth. Various faiths and religions, saints and thinkers have tried to delve into the secrets of the purposes behind the Creation and have come out with different answers. The discursive discourse on the inscrutable subject has presented too mindboggling assortment of opinions and insights for the ordinary humans to come to any deduction of a definitive answer. The divergence of opinions and thoughts has just been too confusing to help any understanding on the subject.

After all, what could be the real purpose behind the Creation? Could such a beautiful world have emerged just our of the chaos as many would have us believe? Is there no architect or engineer of this astoundingly complex Creation, which has been further compounded by the added complexities, which are the results of the restrains, placed on the mental horizons of a human life? The more one cogitates, the more one gets confused. However, stringing through the many threads one gathers through these empirical insights and cognitive conceptions, one does feel persuaded of there being the definitiveness of a design behind the making of our world.

Almost all of us go through the same cycles of life on this earth, which appears so routine and mundane, as to make the human existence simply meaningless. We are all born, grow up, and hanker to educate ourselves, have a family, children, job, wealth, recognition and all the other goodies that life has to offer. If we miss any of the regular phases or goodies of a mundane human life, we feel incomplete. Someone regrets of not getting education, someone has wasted the opportunity of having a good education, someone regrets not having a child, someone not having a girl or a boy child, someone not getting married, not getting a job or not having a family and what not. We all have one or the other kind of privations to regret or to curse our destiny for.

Every one of us remains dissatisfied throughout one’s life regarding the deprivation of one or the other kind. And this deprivation is nothing but sheer notional as the same is a deprivation about something, which humans have themselves created. Humans have created wealth, religion, caste and other such amorphous and false divisions and values in their communal life and have since been running after them. The Hindu Holy books like ‘The Gita’ clearly points to the banality and futility of this ‘Mirage Chase’ as we run after something which never belonged to us yesterday and which shall belong to someone else tomorrow. Knowing very well that none of our materials possessions would accompany us to the next world, we still keep chasing the same. We not only chase, we actually keep fighting and competing for the false acquisitions thereby making our life on earth ‘really’ excruciating. And while we chase the material pleasures and carnal values in this mortal world, we continue making the life of the self and that of our fellow human being still more pathetic and painful in the process.

Life’s challenges throw differing possibilities of attainments and achievements in front of us. Someone would fall by the wayside while handling the same, while someone would excel against the challenges offered. The secular challenges and hardships of the material life are destiny’s touchstone to test our character to find out the best of the souls, the souls who shall receive the ultimate divine bliss and beatification in His realm. While we do all this, while, we go through the vicissitudes and multiple stages of our quotidian life, we are all constricted and constrained by the limitation of our varying capacities, capabilities and perspectives. Someone with very ordinary background rises against all imponderables to great heights, while someone with everything in his/her favour ends up squandering the opportunities offered to him/her by the earthly life.

While all this happens, we can clearly see through the working of a definite plan of the Almighty. One does feel that there is an order in disorder; there is a system, which works through the apparent chaos. We have all noticed as to how a child without much material support or family background rises and does well notwithstanding all odds. There are plenty of examples for us to pick up from our life. Then we have also noticed as to how we have discovered to our utter surprise an opportunity or ’good’ emerging out of an adversity or bad experiences, something for which we had cursed our fate or destiny. It does point to the micro-planning that the destiny has for all of us.

That is why they say, if it happens as per your wishes, it’s good; but if it does not happen in accordance with your wishes, it’s still better as the same is happening as per God’s wishes and we should trust His judgement. However, that never means that we should become fatalistic stop trying to improve our situation. As they say, fortune [read God] always favours the brave. So, we ought to keep trying heart and soul with a positive attitude and without being unjust in our conduct. IF we are undergoing trials and tribulations, suffering untold pains and woes, we are either said to be paying for our past ‘Karmas’ [read deeds] or we are being prepared for a higher task by the instant ordeal s part of God’s larger plan.

As gold becomes purer and better by going through fire or as beautiful fragrant flowers have to be pressed for extraction of perfume, so are pains a sign of the destiny trying to extract the best out of us. We as humans ought to have a basic understanding of the working of the destiny and it’s plan. While we ought to trust him for anything that happens to us, we also ought to keep trying to the best of our capacities and capabilities to work against all odds to make the best of the available resources and opportunities. And we should do this with a very positive bent of mind and without hurting another soul. A positive mind always sees the light even in the darkness of a deep tunnel. 



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