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Terrorism is a politically instigated mental problem than religious. Do you agree? Why or Why not?

Terrorism is a politically instigated mental problem than religious. Do you agree? Why or Why not?

"With guns, you can kill terrorists with education you can kill terrorism.”
Malala Yousafzai.
In today's global community, terrorism is a problem that is affecting nations worldwide. It is an international phenomenon. Many countries are affected by it either directly or indirectly. Terrorism is the use of fear and violence to intimidate the society and government organizations. Terrorism is a broad term. US State Department defines terrorism to be composed of four elements. The first is a threat or act of violence. The second element is a political objective. Third is making a direct violent attack on the civilians and making them a primary target. Lastly, it is carried by supporting nation or nations of terrorism. This is a dangerous social evil which is acting as a hazard to the mankind. The main goal behind terrorism is the intention of terrorists to get their voices heard. These goals may be religious, political or ideological in nature.

Terrorism is a politically
However, the root cause of terrorism is thought to be religious. Many Islamic nations in the name of Holy Quran practice this evil. Some nations support it; some condone it while some stand against it with all their vigor. Islamic countries which preach terrorism have certainly not got past the first chapter of thy holy book. Their radical thinking and approach to train young lads into suicide bombers is descriptive enough of their service to their religion. Jihad is what is taught to the young Muslims in poor backward Muslim dominated nations. Anyone who is against the religion and teachings of Islam is considered as enemies. Several terrorist organizations like ISIS and Lashkar are promoting terrorism under the cover of religion. Countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria and Pakistan are providing shelter to many terrorists and terrorist organizations. But the question arises how these poor nations and organizations are able to conduct such violent trainings and activities at such large scale? Who gives them the funding for all this? In these nations, where citizens are devoid of basic amenities of life, where are the latest gadgets and ammunitions coming from? The answer to these 15 politics; the root motivation of terrorism is actually the political organizations which play their game in the name of religion to achieve their goals.

Terrorism is a politically instigated mental problem than religious. Politicians are the real terrorists who often indulge and promote these violent acts remaining undercover. Terrorism is political. Different types of terrorism exist, but each of these has the same objective of effecting change within or in respect to a political system through the threat or violent measures. Terrorism can be regarded as a violent methodology of politics which is pursued by the weaker party in an attempt to change the policies of the stronger power. If a terrorist group attacks a nation, then it is implied that the nation is considered a stronger power by the weaker terrorists who struggle to make their demands listen. But the leaders of strong and confident nations do not engage in creating a sense of fear among its citizens. They do not compromise upon their principles and strengths and maintain a high moral ground to undercut portray of fear and violence put forth by the weaker terrorist groups.

Terrorism is driven by politics and the recruiting organizations of these terrorists are cast in religious, linguistic, ethnic and moral terms. They justify the killing of innocent people. Terrorism is not fundamentally driven by the basic theological differences between religions or legal context between a religion and state system. Terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and others didn't attack the West over theological difference between Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The motives and goals described by them are broadly political in nature and address issues of economic oppression, political corruption and colonialism either explicitly or implicitly. To the world, the grievances of terrorists groups seems to be plastered as religious in nature, but their objectives on a large scale are political in context.

Looking forth the current world scenario, it can be presumed that terrorism will remain an integral and crucial part of the political process in the future too. With politics involved at the grass root level, the terrorism as a political act cannot be eradicated, despite claims by powerful leaders and organizations. Till the time there is oppression or the perception of oppression in the system, and inequality pertains to be the strengths of the parties of various facets of the political argument, there will be existence of people who choose violence as a ultimate road to achieve and advance towards their goals.

To tame down terrorism, secular and democratic developed and developing nations should have a shared understanding to initiate a common response to any acts of terror keeping up with the highest human principles and values. With a common response to terrorism, terrorists group won't be able to target the potential weaknesses which exist between the nations. If a group of countries follow the militarized 'war on terror' approach, while other neighboring countries follow the militarized ‘war on terror’ approach, while other neighboring countries pursue political approaches, then it would be easy for the terrorists to loop in the weaknesses. With a well studied approach, terrorists group thoroughly work upon the strengths and weaknesses of the host countries and thereafter exploit the differences between them.

To counter this, nations needs to join hands to come to a basic approach such that the nature of terrorism can be understood at the grass root level. A transnational understanding of the nature of terrorism needs to be reached. If a terrorist group operates across the national boundaries, then the countries associated should all have a clear understanding of group's objectives, strategies, tactics and ideologies. This is not only a preventive method but a strategy to counter the evil of terrorism. It needs to be understood that combined efforts of nations can only help citizens to lead a peaceful life and to prevent them from being the prey to the political objectives. With clear understanding, nations can maintain their supremacy and avoid getting into the trap where terrorists want to see a dividing and fearful nation which is sliding down to their level so it becomes easier for them to exploit the climate of fear.



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