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Meaning of "I will not let Anyone to Walk through My Mind with their Dirty Feet"

Meaning of "I will not let Anyone to Walk through My Mind with their Dirty Feet"
This is a famous quote by the Father of Nation - Mahatma Gandhi
Someone said the same thing in other way, "The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you".

mahatma gandhi
There are many people who either get comfort from or enjoy dumping their garbage on others. They either want to go on and on about all their problems or want to shoot down others dreams by telling how others can't do this or that, or shouldn't be doing this or that. In the end, it is all the same they have drained others positive energy and walked through others mind with their "dirty feet," more commonly known as negative energy. Most of us allow this to happen under the assumption that we are just being nice, but we shouldn't allow to happen.

This means we have to take care of our mental, emotional, and spiritual self, and not let anyone destroy our mental peace. We would not allow someone to come in and add arsenic to our family meal; in the same way, we shouldn't let them poison our mind or spirit with their poisonous thoughts and ideas.

We people have the right to think. In fact man tends to think. Every person is unique in himself. So is his thinking. This thinking lets him make his set of rules for his life according to his ideologies. So whatever supports his ideology becomes correct for him and whatever does not he discards those ideas. But a wise person takes a look of both the sides of coin. These ideas are ideas of good for that person towards which he starts his journey.

How do ideologies develop an individual personality?
When a child is born he is born with some features, attributes, talents etc. And with all these he starts walking towards the path of knowledge. Some knowledge he takes rationally by asking reasons for that and some of them by experiencing.
So a wise person like M.K. Gandhi takes a balance of these ideas and makes his ideologies; which lead him to Idea of Good.
Idea of Good
The great philosopher Plato gave the idea of Good in which he explained that Idea of Good is the ultimate reality. It is the highest idea. It is the substratum of universe.

Idea of Good is highest knowledge, highest value and supreme existence. It is the ‘summon bonum' (the highest good) of human life. It is the aim of all desires in which nobody should interrupt.
Rather interrupting one should also try to move towards Idea of Good.
When anybody reaches this stage, he gets the real knowledge and then he gets real freedom.

But this journey towards Idea of Good is not so easy. It is so because everybody is not walking towards this idea of Good. So according to their set of rules and ideologies you're doing something wrong for which they'll interrupt you. Most people don't think in balance of rationality and empirically. They either think only like a rational or an empiricist. By doing so they lose much of real knowledge and this leads them to false knowledge. Earlier in Western world, philosophers were also divided on the same ground. First were rational thinkers who thought knowledge can only be attained rationally. And others were those who thought knowledge is to be attained only by experience.

Later this theory was improved by great philosopher Emmanuel Kant. He just combined both these theories and said that knowledge can be attained by both:

Dalai Lama said this in like manner, "Don't let behavior of others destroy your inner peace" He says that when someone tries to interfere in our thinking, we must remember that there is only one person we need to be able to please "God." Obviously we must not allow anyone's hurtful behavior to influence our thinking in other way. It is not something we should ever allow to drive how we feel about ourselves. We should never let our view be determined by another person.

Today's reminder is that if we are living our lives in a way that we know God would be proud of us, then nothing that anyone else may do or say can ever change that, and that is something to be happy about.

Gandhi's concept of non-violence and Satyagraha was newly emerged and unique. This was the fight for truth without weapons.

This idea made the British and revolutionaries laugh. But the success of this idea first in Champaran and then in Kheda district of Gujarat; made others believe in Gandhi and his ideology. His success not only included his ideology but his comments and faith in his idea which we have read earlier. The faith comes only through right knowledge which leads you to right path of Idea of Good which should be the ultimate aim of people. Gandhi's idea was popular all over the world.

In spite of the fact that many people tried to pull him back and laugh out on his beliefs, still "Gandhi didn't let anybody to walk through his, mind and soul with their dirty sole."



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