Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Essay on Social Inequality in Society

Essay on Social Inequality in Society

“We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race”.
-Kofi Amado
The human society is inflicted by many social evils. The social structures of the nations have imbibed these evils in a way that they have now become a crucial part of it. Inequality is one such thing which has become a part of the society to which we belong. It is prevalent in all areas of the society. Social inequality is referred to as the existence of unequal opportunities and rewards for different social statuses within a society. Inequality in terms of power, religion, age, kinship, prestige, race, ethnicity, gender and class has been brought up in the society. On the basis of the same, people of the society behave in a certain way. Discrimination is often seen as a consequence of inequalities.

To make this world a better place, and to inculcate good values in the future generations, these social evils of inequality need to be diminished. Equality is the need of the hour if the human society needs to live a sustainable and peaceful life. However, without conversion of mind and heart, the social structure that perpetuates inequality cannot be destroyed. To root out these evil, combined efforts of the people of the society across the globe is required. A society without such evil may seem a distant dream but it is certainly not impossible. It is time that they realize their responsibility towards the society. It is time that they understand that social evils can destroy the beauty of mankind and make it a horrible place to live in. It is by practice and constant corrections that they will be able to loosen the hold of inequality that clutches their mind. To weed out this evil, we need to start from the grassroots level.

Inequality weakens the society. The society is made by the people and for the people. And discriminating a group on the basis of some aspect makes one extremely low. In this man dominated world, women are at the receiving end of inequality as well. Gender inequality is a part of all other forms of inequality. Discrimination is often done on the basis of sex, gender and gender roles. Not only can it be seen in backward and developing nations, but it is also present in the developed nations. Even today in the age of globalization and education, women are not getting their dues. They are still considered the weaker sex in comparison to their male counterparts despite their proving themselves repeatedly in all areas of life. Women face exploitation right from the time they are born. They are considered a liability instead of an asset. Being the basic unit of the society who is responsible for actual run of the life on Earth, women are merely treated as a subordinate to men. The other form of inequality is on the basis of status. Rich are usually treated with high regard and o aspect while the poor faces the flake. Discrimination on the basis of color is also easily evident when one travels abroad. Racism is a direct repercussion of the dying humanism. Inequality is everywhere. But one as a responsible citizen of the world needs to take the step forward to change.

Change in mindset is very important if one seeks equality. Over the years, our minds have been trained to behave and accept the inequality and wrong that is growing in our society. Only few take the leap to stand for the right, rest are either not bothered or not too bold to take any stance for right and wrong. Inequality in all aspects is wrong. One needs to accept that all human beings are equal. It is God who decides their sex, color, caste, race and religion. We as human beings are nobody to judge his autocracy. The soon we start accepting everyone as equal; the world will start becoming a beautiful place. It is all in our mind. The upbringing, the real life scenarios that we come across that define inequality in all forms, the moral values we have inculcated all needs to be refurbished. And this acceptance can only be possible if we open our heart to everyone with the approach of equality for all irrespective of factor that perpetuates inequality. The road is certainly long, but every step will count. There needs to be change in the education pattern, the folk and regional stories which manifests inequality in some or the other form needs to be changed, the importance of equality should be defined so as to make each and everyone know how bad it feels to be treated unequal.

To abate inequality from our society is not that easy but not that difficult too. We have the power of social media these days. If this platform is used correctly, it can be highly beneficial to spread the word about equality. But before that, each one of us needs to make up our minds to cut this evil from the society. If we pledge to root out inequality and join hands to counter this problem by treating everyone at the same level, we will have half game won. It is to be noted that it is for the citizens of the Mother Earth which gives equal right to live, use water, share land and breathe the same air. If she doesn't treat the living beings unequally, then who are we as humans to define equality and inequality? This small message should be perpetuated across lower sections of the society to make them aware of this evil which they think as a way of life. The children, the youth and the old- all needs to be awakened with a converted mind and open heart to a world where only equality and righteousness prevails.



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