Sunday, 2 December 2018

Essay on Self Help Is the Best Help for UPSC

Essay on Self Help Is the Best Help for UPSC

It has been often noticed that many of us build friendships and relationships with a view to advancing our various goals and interests. However, notwithstanding our penchant of nurturing relationships and trying to build relations with the high and the mighty, at the end of the day, one is eventually left to one’s own resources. At times, all these relations may come to naught and may not get us they dividend when we really need their help. We should remember one thing very clearly that it is very rare to find someone who would stick one’s neck out for us, unless and until one is somehow involved or has some stake. So, we would not even expect people to go out of their way to help us. If we still have such people, then we are some of the luckiest guys around. But everyone is not so lucky.

As a golden rule and like everyone else, we should always rely on our own resources rather than on those of others. It may so happen that when the chips are down and when the crunch comes, nobody is there to lend the helping hand and we are all alone, left to fend for ourselves. After all, even our own shadow, which follows us in light, easily deserts us in the darkness. That is why it is said that ‘self help is the best help’. Hence, if we have a contingency plan for all our plans and are ready for any eventuality, we shall never be disappointed.

So, we should never presume things and never take anything or anyone for granted, more so if it pertains to our vital interests. If some work or outcome involves the other person, we should always be extra careful and cagey. We should always keep following up, otherwise the work may never get done. Once we have left the work completely to such a person, who just does not have any stake in the work, howsoever capable and trustworthy, be certain that something would go wrong. As they say, rely on too many people and be sure that we would be disappointed. We should not forget about what they say about ‘too many cooks spoiling the broth’.

In such cases, the celebrated Murphy’s Law often wins the day. Murphy’s Law says, ‘if you expect a thing to go wrong, be sure that it surely would’. We can control ourselves and our resources, but often it is well-nigh difficult to control others, more so when they happen to be people who do not have any stake in the venture. So, as far as possible, in matters crucial and important, we should rely on ourselves, our own resources and should keep following up instead of delegating something important completely to someone else. We must always have some alternative plan in place.

Also, as far as possible, we should try being independent and self-dependent in all our needs. Dependence on others may lead us or land us in situations we may not like an may also force us to lead life in ways we may never have thought of. So, we should always strive to be less dependent on others. Self-dependence is the best thing in life and one should always keep making attempts in their direction. Though as a human being who lives in society, we can never be completely self-dependent, but is definitely feasible to be relatively self-dependent. Self-dependence allows us to live our life at our own terms. As Einstein said, ‘I am thankful to all those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I did it myself’.

Again, we should also learn to adjust and change with the changing times otherwise we may become a misfit and unworthy of enjoying the bounties of this beautiful human life. We should always remember that all the fingers are not the same in length. But when they bend, all stand equal. Life becomes easy when we bend and adjust to all situations. We should learn to adjust ourselves to every situation and in every shape like water. But most importantly, we should always find our own way to flow. If we desire to blossom like a rose in the garden, we shall have to learn the art of adjusting with the thorns. Either we can complain that roses have thorns or we can rejoice that thorns have roses.

So, if we have decided to change ourselves today to help ourselves, we should do it carefully and honestly, with our complete devotion, dedication, determination and by putting our heart and soul into it. As someone said, ‘yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself’. But this is something easier said than done. As Leo Tolstoy said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself”. It is really paradoxical that the person on whom we have the maximum control is ourselves. Yet the hardest person to change is we ourselves.

Why is change needed? Many times, in order to survive, we have to start a change process. We sometimes need to get rid of old memories, habits and their past traditions. We can take advantage of the present only after being freed from the past burdens of failures and mistakes. How we handle our failures and mistakes decides our future. So, we need to correct our small mistakes today before they lead to big problems. We always slip from small stones and not from the mountain. When we realise that we have made a mistake, we should take immediate steps to correct it.

We should always remember that those, who keep whining and complaining all the time, are repulsed by people. Such Jeremiahs not only end up making them a laughing stock in public eye, but are also often avoided as most of the people already have their own problems and they always love the company of someone who can relieve them of their woes and problems, at least, for the time being. As they say, everything in life has a beautiful ending. And if it is not beautiful, then we can be sure that it is not the ending. No one can go back and change a bad beginning. But everyone has an opportunity to script a successful ending. Every successful person has a painful story and every painful story has a successful ending. We should learn to accept the pain and get ready for success by helping our own self. 



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