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Essay on Marriage-An Institution of Great Social Relevance

Essay on Marriage-An Institution of Great Social Relevance

“Marriages are like fingerprints; each one is different and each one is beautiful”
-Maggie Reyes
Essay on Marriage
Maggie Reyes quote defines the beauty and depth of one of the most important social institutions of human society-MARRIAGE. It is a universal phenomenon that brings two persons together in a bond of love and relationship. It has been the backbone of human civilization. Since years, people around the world are getting married and producing babies. Certainly, before the concept of marriage was developed, man and woman lived together, produced babies and moved on similar to how animals and birds do. Marriage comes forth to formalize the union of man and woman. However, the institution of marriage has also developed gradually. Now, it has been accepted as a measure of social discipline and as a maneuver to eliminate social stress due to the sex rivalry.

Human beings have various body urges. Hunger, thirst and sex top these basic body needs. To satisfy these urges, society has worked out certain rules and regulations. The rules relating to the sexual life of human beings have been encompassed in the institution of marriage. It can be rightly said that marriage regulates the sex life of human beings and paves way for starting of family Sex is generally considered a taboo in the society. But marriage culminates it into family Marriage and family goes hand in hand. With marriage comes the family. Marriage and family are both vital institutions which form the base of our society and are of great social relevance. However, dynamics of marriage is dependent upon culture, attitude, beliefs and behavior of the persons involved in it.

Marriage is effectively rooted socially. Different cultures have different ancestral standards which are prevalent since many generations. Culture, assets, dynamics and ethics all play a crucial in shaping of family beliefs. The bond created by marriage consents a sexual relationship especially in countries where having sex before marriage is a sin. Marriage becomes a basis of having children in such cultures as having babies outside of marriage and fornication is considered a taboo. It is thus obligatory for them to grow a family. However in western countries, more importance is given to love. According to their culture and belief, personal happiness is of utmost importance and if anyone is not happy in their marriage, they are free to move out. This is also the reason why the percentage of divorce in these countries is higher. Marriage not only has a social significance but also has physiological role. Married couples across the globe are healthier, happier and enjoy longer lives. The rate of depression and heart related issues is also lower in married people. They also have a positive outlook towards life which reflects in their parenting too. Thus marriage creates social: economic and effective conditions to raise children with effective parenting.

After marriage, the lives of man and woman changes personally and socially. With marriage, they enter into a new life where responsibilities and commitment awaits them. For husbands, they become more caring and responsible to raise their family, caring towards their spouse and more emotionally stable. They tend to become more productive in their work also. For women, marriage brings in a feeling of completeness. They become more giving, happier and emotionally sound. Social support for women increases with the spousal support. Thus marriage changes people's lifestyles and habits in ways which are personally and socially beneficial. Marriage is a "seedbed" of pro-social behavior.

Some people across different societies and cultures feel that marriage is a social trap. It's all in one's opinion and attitude towards this institution. Marriage is a tradition that has been going on since ages and will continue to do so. Younger generation nowadays having high ambitions tends to consider a marriage as a blockage in their path to success. While others who are way successful in their careers credit their spouses for their achievements. How one perceives marriage is all in the mind and attitude. "Why a person chose to get married?' is prominent. If a person is able to answer this question and has clarity about the same in his mind, then it will reflect in his commitment, body language, happiness and living. Answer to this question determines one's personal, social, emotional and economic attributes too. There is no formula of a happy marriage. If you are happy in your state of being, the person you chose as your life partner will be a repercussion of the same. Society makes rules and regulations but it is the individual and his mindset that moulds these rules according to be happy and content in the institution. Marriage is a trial and error which one plays throughout with their better half and the society. A marriage of a Hindu man with a Muslim woman may not be acceptable to the society, but if the man and wife are happy and can fight the odds then the society will have no option but to ultimately accept them. Perpetuating hatred in this sacred institution is all a game played in the mind of people defined by the rules that the society makes. The society has moved on from accepting arranged marriages only to now accepting love marriages also. With generations, the mindset of people is getting broader. Education has brought in the commitment factor in younger people today who are perfectly balancing different areas of their life. A fine sense of balance is created in their work and married life. With time, there has been a change in how people perceive the concept of marriage, but even today it has not lost its social relevance.

The institution of marriage makes the society and not the other way round. Marriage gives the society family and children which forms the foundation of any culture and society. However, it is time now that people across the globe are more empathetic and liberal towards the concept of union of two people in marriage and start treating both the man and woman equal in this institution. With social acceptance of equality of man and woman in marriage, the divorce rates will decrease considerably and the world will be one happy place to live in.



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