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Essay on Importance of Girl Child or Save Girl Child

Essay on Importance of Girl Child or Save Girl Child

 Importance of Girl Child or Save Girl Child
"Don't be cold; girls are worth more than gold". This quote has a deep meaning to it. It highlights the two important issues-girls are usually treated coldly' and that the girls are precious! Even in today's day and age with education being the root of so many countries, girl child is still discriminated. It is often sidelined that how a girl child contributes as a daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, granddaughter etc. She has an important and significant role in the society. Even after she plays all the roles in an efficient manner in the modern society, she is weak because men are still strongest gender of the society. When a child is born, celebrations follow. Parties are thrown and religious rituals are done to welcome the beautiful new life into the family. Happiness, excitement, enthrallment and tears of joy surround this joyous occasion. However, this environment is seen only if a son is born. Clouds of disappointment can be seen if it's a girl child. This kind of discrimination still persists in many parts of the globe. The male child is believed to carry forward the family legacy and also take overall responsibility of the family. But with changing times, women have proved their worth and equality. Though still many have not accepted this revolution.

Women play a very important role in each and everyone's lives. They give birth and nurture life on this planet. In a country like India, earlier, girls were considered a liability by the parents. They were not given the love and importance which the son of the house got. They were barred from education and were confined to household jobs of cooking food, cleaning home and taking care of the whole family alone. But with education and awareness, things are improving slowly. Women across our country have stepped out of their homes and have started taking part in many activities other than family, household chores and kids. They have excelled in all the fields that they have touched. Women are teachers, scientists, president, chief ministers, engineers, politicians and drivers and have gone in the space too. You name the field and they are into it. They have broken all the stereotypes and have come a long way.

A woman can be regarded as the basic unit of society. They make up the family, family makes homes, homes constitute a society and finally societies make a country. A girl child is an asset and not a liability. She is dependable and responsible and can take over the world with her panache. Multitasking comes naturally to them. They manage home and outer world and ace all her roles as a friend, daughter, sister, wife and mother. She seldom demands anything in return of her roles. She performs all her roles and responsibilities politely all through her life. She is an epitome of sacrifice. She faces various challenges and sacrifices which she needs to overcome, yet she never complains. A girl tries to make everyone happy at the cost of her own health, happiness and will.

A girl child is the pillar of strength for her family who supports and glues them together. Their moral, emotional and financial support binds everyone in the family. Their point of view and decisions are mostly practical and rational which are helpful in the long run. The strong attitude and will power of girls make them a constant support of encouragement to the family during all the atrocities. Their optimistic nature helps the families to cross biggest tides in the bad times. They are born with a positive aura around them. They bring in light and contentment in the family and strengthen the thread which binds all the relations in the family together. They are honest, loyal and more obedient towards her family. She instills life in her parents and in-laws's house with her sheer presence. She takes care of her parents and in-laws, supports her husband through thick and thin, nurtures her children and makes them able and valuable humans, manages her work with full devotion. A girl child as a daughter always aims to make her parents proud; she weighs all aspects before taking any major steps for any repercussions may affect her and family. She beholds the family reputation and takes full control over it. Because of the biased norms created by our society, boy's actions are often justified primarily because he is considered superior than girls. His acts of putting a family status and reputation down are under-covered by this disgraceful inequality based on gender.

Even though a girl dons various hats, but the best example of her selfless and giving nature is best described in a mother. She acts as a perfect mentor who justifies how you can be someone's daughter, mother, wife or a sister and still be on the top, professionally, at the same time. They are idols for others from whom you gain moral values that guides you throughout the life. They are perfect as friends and give the best advice always. They care for you like no other. Her conscience never allows her to disappoint anyone in the family. They are meticulously more responsible towards their family, society and aspirations. They are also mindful of her surroundings, restraints and conditions which make it easy for her to adapt and react.

The girls of the 21st century are way ahead of boys and have gained excellence in every field without any exception. She can balance her personal and professional life with equal ease. They have changed the norm that made men the sole bread earner of the family. An educated girl child is a valuable asset who is no less than any male child. She has more capabilities of conquering the world. Their hard work and dedication helps them in juggling between different roles they play in life. It is time now that the world realizes that a girl child is precious. Worth of a girl child needs to be recognized so that the world could become a better place to live in.



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