Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Essay on How Has The Internet changed Our Lives

Essay on How Has The Internet changed Our Lives 

In the early 80s, when the computer era up swung, it was defined just by operating systems and few programming languages. This was thought to be huge and revolutionary until a blizzard of communication arrived that changed the whole perspective of communicating over time, distance and speed. It instilled life into this manmade machinery. This communicating wizard is none other than internet. It has the power to connect even the most remote corners across the world. It is not confined to any specific definition, and is a wired or wireless mode of communication that enables receiving and transmitting information which can be used for one or more operations.

How Has The Internet changed Our Lives
We owe a lot to internet which has changed and eased our life tremendously. It is the most pragmatic and valuable invention after the mobile phones. It has not just made the lives easier but has also helped in smoother functioning and managing of businesses. Internet has made everything just a click away. From online classes to paying bills to providing information on any given topic, there are many exemplary and mind-blowing ways in which internet comes to our rescue. Now more and more people are paying their bills online and banking has become safer and more secure as the highly confidential information like passwords, account details and other sensitive information need not to be written down as hard copy and thus reduces the chances of it being misused.

With the advent of internet, the time consuming task of finding information from books and other sources has been reduced to just a mouse click and few strokes of keys. From online shopping to making reservations and booking hotels, restaurants, flights or tickets, the long procedure and process has been drastically reduced by internet. You can use it as per your convenience and comfort. Many tasks have been possible from the comfort of our homes just because of this resourceful connecting mode. With internet being so handy nowadays, many big and small firms are allowing their employees to work from home. This has been a boon for working mothers with small children. Not only does internet help in finding the useful resource, it also helps in choosing the one with lowest prices by comparing with other websites. Thus internet saves time, as well as our hard-earned money.
Internet has been most advantageous for the businesses. Easy access to customers via various social networking sites and blogs has helped them in better marketing of their products and services. The platform for businesses has widened and they can now sell their product by advertising on internet. Internet enables them to cover a larger audience which helps in doubling their profits.

Business via internet is called e-commerce. Also for the customers, there is a huge plethora of options to choose from among various businesses. They can do the requisite search and choose the best suitable product by reading reviews from other customers and comparing pricing before making any online purchase. Many businesses have in fact turned to this platform only to market their products and services. People can buy stuff by making secure online payments using debit and credit cards without having to step out of their homes. The product gets delivered to their doorstep. It is a blessing for all those who are self-employed and are running their businesses online. Internet has thus changed the way businesses are done and changed the lives for better.

Internet has totally changed how we perceive and handle things and businesses. It is one of the fastest and broadest technologies which has been accepted very quickly because of its amazing and immensely easy usage and connect. It is the broadest base because it has touched nearly all the citizens of the world with its ease, connect and time and money saving technology. Today, assuming our lives without internet is not even possible because of our high dependence on it. Internet has changed our lives for the better and we can't thank enough for its invention.



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