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Essay on A House without Books is Like a Room without Windows

Essay on A House without Books is Like a Room without Windows

A House without Books is Like a Room without Windows
Horace Mann
According to William Shakespeare, books are the nutrition of the whole world, life without books, as if there is no sunlight; wisdom without books, just like a bird without wings. There is very deep connecting of books with humans. Ever since the invention of paper, humans have penned down their thoughts, scriptures, stories and various instances on it. Stacks of papers were bind together and kept for references by the great gurus in earlier times. With time, several authors started writing fiction and reality based stories, novels, religious context based on real stories and educational and scientific conceptual books. Slowly and steadily, books became an integral part of people of all age groups. Young children and students read education text books and story books, adults read novels and magazines and elderly tend to read more of religious writings. People gather books and keep them in their homes to go back to them whenever they want.

A home without books can be considered synonymous to a room without windows. Similar to how the latter can be suffocating, dull and difficult to live in a house with books brings in liveliness and character. As a window brings in a breath of fresh air and light into the room, the books bring in the knowledge to enlighten the housemates and also give them an opinion and perspective towards life. A home is defined by the people who live in it and not the materialistic items that decorate it. One may buy expensive rugs, furniture, paintings, ornaments and other décor stuff to beautify their home. All this is a reflection of how much money the owner has got. But if there are books in the house, it signifies the mind and character of the owner. As author Anna Quindlen puts, "I would be most content, if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves", describes how books should constitute a defined place in one's house.

In modern day and age, however, people tend to drive towards luxuries of life like car, house, cell phones etc, which cost a bomb on their pockets. But their mindset won't let them buy a book which will cost only a few pennies. This is because they are engrossed in the artificial passion for collecting expensive and rare things which define the luxuries of life. However, they don't understand how a good collection of books will bring in character and meaning to their life which will define their taste attitude, personality and psychology. The habit of reading thus should be inculcated in early years of growth. Apart from the context books which are mandatory for their school curriculum, young kids should be introduced to story books, novels, magazines and comics which are appropriate for their age. This habit will churn out their overall personality which will be reflected in all areas of their life, be it their work ethics, attitude towards life, moral values and social mindset. No matter how big or small a house is, but if it has a little space for books there, the house will bloom with fresh ideas and thoughts.

Books can be considered as the great lighthouses which are erected in the great sea of time. Reading a book takes you to another world. It connects you to the author, the time and era the story talks about and moves you along with it. Life is limited and it is difficult to experience all the wonders oneself, but books can enlarge the experience of being alive.

Books without house can also be considered as a body without soul. As a soul defines a person and its overall character, similarly books give meaning and character to the homes. The word BOOK can be expanded to stand for each letter: B, bridge that connects one to K, knowledge. Between them are two Os, Objects and Opinions. Books are diverse in nature and consist of all kinds of objects in the world. Authors put them into words and we learn from them through reading. But understanding what is read is utmost otherwise it's like roaming in a circular motion and constraining oneself Critical thinking of what is read is essential to absorb the contents. This is how one is able to respect the author's view and also create one's opinions. Thus, books acts as a bridge which built objects and opinions to knowledge. Knowledge is power and to be powerful, one must cross this bridge.

Books thus act as a ladder for human progress. Books can be considered to be the quietest and most constant of friends whom you can trust blindly; they are also most accessible and wisest of counselors; and the most patient of teacher. Books are our friends in a real sense. They demand nothing from us and give us immense joy. We also learn a lot from them. They take us into a different world of imagination. They built up one's mental well being and broaden the mind. Books let me travel the world without moving our feet. They teach us the norms of the society and show the pathways of life. Books make one lively, content, knowledgeable, enriched and sharp. They thus, should be an integral part of one's life. They must reside in our homes. A home without books is like a tree without birds. A tree is defined by its qualities of giving shelter, food and wood. It is an epitome of strength and growth. Similar to how a tree keeps one grounded and connects one to the roots, books brings us closer to our inner self and makes us calmer and beholder of deeper things. Trees are shelter to birds. Without birds, trees look deserted. Birds fly all day but at the end come back to the tree. They bring in the life in trees with their chirpiness. Same way humans may wander all around, but it is the books where he will find ultimate solace.



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