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Essay on Education Is A Weapon That Can Change The World

Essay on Education Is A Weapon That Can Change The World

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
-Nelson Mandela
Education Is A Weapon That Can Change The World

Education plays an immense role in transforming the lives of people. It just concerned with academic learning and does not restrict itself to textbooks but extends itself to include the application of values, knowledge and skills that have been acquired by the individual over the years, Education can bring changes in the world in two ways, through the empowerment of individuals and the generation of knowledge. Byproducts of education, in the form of empowerment and knowledge generation, are the most powerful weapons that can change the world in different and effective ways.

Education can bridge the socio-economic divide that is present in our society, as it equips the people with necessary skills and abilities that would help them to strive for themselves and to provide themselves with the basic necessities of life. In addition to this, education can be used as a tool to eradicate poverty. Education that targets marginalized and poor populations will bring change to many of the systemic factors that have contributed to the delay in poor communities development and can prevent the transmission of poverty between generations, Acquiring basic skills such reading, writing and numeracy have a documented positive effect on the income of the marginalized sections. Furthermore, poverty can be eliminated by promoting equality of opportunity, which is provided only when everyone is given a chance to get educated.

Education can bring changes in the health profile of an individual, family, society, nation and mankind all over the world. Researchers found that there is a 50% chance of an educated mother to protect herself and her children from illnesses if she is educated and it is more likely that her child could survive past age five. Education works as a guide to awaken people and make them more aware of the causes of various diseases. Education creates weapons like doctors who cure these diseases. Moreover, a better education ensures that people are more aware of the repercussions of various illnesses and diseases.

According to the World Bank report on Civil War, it is estimated that the risk of war reduced considerably with an increase in education. This is because education inculcates the practice of independent thinking that leads to the creation of new ideas. Independent thinkers do not blindly follow the beliefs of others and draw their own conclusion on issues related to the world. Any problem being faced by the world can be resolved practically and logically with the help of these individuals. Equipped with impeccable communication skills, educated individuals will not be hesitant to work with groups to solve a plethora of problems. Therefore, education fosters peace.

Not only this, education has made a huge difference to the lives of disabled people. Education equips these students with increased levels of confidence and problem solving abilities. By being a part of an educational institution, children learn to understand the differences and similarities between people in the real world. They learn to respect and appreciate diversity as they interact with students of differing abilities and cultures. It helps them to forge new friendships with people as they gain social skills. Education helps them to develop a positive understanding of themselves and others.

India, being a patriarchal society, is still plagued by a number of issues. The practices of female feticide, female infanticide, child marriage, dowry and child trafficking still exist. Female children are looked down upon due to the inferior status that has been attached to them since centuries. One of the few ways to eradicate these practices is by educating the masses and making them more literate. They need to be made aware of the fact that when women are provided an equal opportunity to live and get educated, they can succeed in life as well and not become a "burden".

Education also has a positive impact on women empowerment as it equips the female population with an increased level of confidence and rationality that helps them to fulfill a number of economic, social and cultural functions which can in turn bridge the gender gap, along with the socioeconomic hierarchy that persists in society. Through education, women can respond effectively to opportunities and challenge the traditional roles that have been assigned to them. An educated woman can contribute towards the betterment of society by challenging the mal traditions targeting women. By providing women an equal opportunity to get educated, she will feel more motivated to bring about change in society. An educated woman is a guiding light for her children, family members and society as she knows how to live a happy family life and promote healthy relations with others.

Food insecurity, under-education and poverty form a vicious cycle in developing countries. People with a minimum level of education can capture and elaborate information better, as compared to their uneducated counterparts. Education plays a key role in accessing public information, especially concerning health, nutrition and hygiene. By acquiring education, individuals can follow a proper and diversified diet along with good hygiene practices can help reduce morbidity and mortality, Education is fundamental to promote agency, which expresses the capacity of rural poor to escape from poverty and hunger, with their own power. The people benefit from education due to increased levels of rationality that enables them to judiciously use the resources they possess. Education also leads to an increase in agricultural productivity and efficiency and benefit economically from number of non-farm activities.

Education also has a positive impact on improving the problem of water scarcity. There are plenty of opportunities out there that people can use in order to learn more about the world around them. By educating those who are not dealing with water scarcity, they can be in a position to help. Those who are dealing with it can get educated on how they can prevent the problem from becoming even worse in the future. Water crisis is one of the major issues being faced by the world today. It is crucial to make consumption and lifestyle changes which can be achieved only when education related to the problem is provided. This will motivate new behaviors on the part of individuals.

Education also has a similar impact in the realm of climate change and environmental degradation. It can deliver adequate scientific facts concerning these issues. It equips the younger generations with skills that will help in combating climate change while instilling the philosophy of sustainable development Education has the power to show the youth of the world that they have wider responsibilities and are entitled to make decisions regarding the environment in which they have to live. The youth can realize their responsibilities only when they are adequately educated about the consequences of climate change and environmental degradation. Only educated individuals can suggest sensible and practical mitigation measures and strategies. In addition to this, educated individuals are more aware of the disasters and calamities that can occur at any given time and are better prepared to face it as they are aware of the effective response mechanisms that can be employed.

The developing third world countries have been the chief benefactors of primary and elementary education. Educating the masses guarantees the eradication of a number of problems being faced by these nations. Many countries in Africa have immensely benefited through education even when they have not achieved a hundred percent literacy rate. Education leads to improved health, positive economic growth, and political stability in these countries as it leads to rational and logical thinking during decision making.

Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world and make it a better place. Every nation will reach its zenith when education and equality of opportunity is provided to all. It equips the youth with employable skills that can help them in shaping their lives. In addition to this it formed the lives of women and disabled people, all around the world, by empowering them and educating them about their rights. Therefore, education is the tool that can make everything possible and correct all the wrongs that plague the world.



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