Thursday, 27 December 2018

Essay on Diplomacy War Against Terrorism for UPSC

Essay on Diplomacy War Against Terrorism for UPSC

Terrorism is a global problem. In this day and age, almost every country is affected by this menace either directly or indirectly. Some nations support it: some condone it while some completely ignore it. Each country has its own way to deal with this global problem. From small countries like Israel and Ireland to bigger ones like US and Russia, terrorism is a challenge faced by the governments of all countries.

Today, war is not confined to any powerful nation. Each and every country today is fighting a war against terrorism which is turning to be a menace for the mankind. The growing terrorism calls for a diplomatic answer from the world. Doing war is easy, but countering terrorism in non-violent and peaceful manner is required. It is time to conduct a diplomacy war against terrorism instead of going berserk about fighting back terrorists with the same tactics as employed by them. The key to success in the global war on terrorism today is diplomacy. Terrorists across the globe conduct acts of terror to get their voices heard. Sometimes terrorism is a pursuance of politics through other means. Terrorism thus can be considered as an instrument in the hands of weaker people in the war against the stronger systems like governments.

The 9/11 terrorists attacks shook the foundation of USA. It was an act conducted by Al-Qaida to tame down the strongest nation. The day questioned the security measures of not only America, but all the nations. Using the means of technology, Al-Qaida proselytise its message to the people of the world. However, USA took it to its stride and played tactfully and created an intersection between terrorism and diplomacy. USA today stands strong with all the nations that are weak but willing to uproot the underlying conditions that allow terrorism to flourish. Each country today has different set of regulations to fight terrorism. But diplomacy is the most fundamental instrument to ensure convergence between these regulations. It can only be done if a common understanding prevails to fight terrorism. Commitment and sustained efforts are required to fight back this evil. India being a democratic nation holds its head high to fight back terrorism with diplomacy. The hostile relation between India and Pakistan over the issue of Kashmir is a known fact globally. And the hatred has certainly grown over the years. Pakistan has now and then, directly or indirectly supported terrorist activities against India. But the Uri attack by Jaish-e-Mohammad in September 2016 which killed 18 Indian soldiers has been strongly condemned worldwide. The Modi government has taken this despicable attack very seriously. Post this attack, India has garnered global support to expose the terror state of Pakistan. At the UN General Assembly, India openly called Pakistan a 'terrorist state'. It has also accused Pakistan of conducting 'war crimes’ against India through its 'long standing policy'. Modi and his government are now open about its public policy of diplomatic isolation in regard to Pakistan at the international level. Pakistan is giving shelter to many India focused militants. With the facts also in hand, the Pakistan has not made any effort to control these terrorists groups or has ever tried to maintain cordial ties with its eastern border neighbor. Isolating Pakistan with diplomacy has been in stride of India with various developed countries and neighboring countries coming in its support. The cancellation of 19th SAARC summit which was to be held in Islamabad was a diplomatic slap across Pakistan's face. India's decision to pull out of the Summit was supported and endorsed by other member nations - Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives following suit. This isolation of one nation in any regional organization is uncommon and unprecedented. India has further exposed Pakistan in different forums, but has been vocal about expressing its disappointments about the muted response of organizations like European Union about the Uri attack.

India has also been a key influencer in getting Pakistan isolated from other countries. It has been the first time that the Pakistan based terror groups like LeT and JeM have been named openly during the 2017 BRICS declaration held at China. Modi raised the issue of terrorism and the BRICS leaders joined him in expressing their will to fight terrorism. This is a big win for India in terms of diplomatically isolating Pakistan. The inclusion of Pakistan's terror groups in the declaration is also indicative of the changing equations between Pakistan and China, with the latter not showing favoritism towards the former as before.

PM Modi has taken various international platforms to express the need to weed out terrorism and also share crucial details regarding the terror groups operating out of Pakistan and his efforts have certainly paid off. Recently, US refused to give $ 350 million military aid to Pakistan citing insufficient action taken against the dreaded Haqqani terror network. The country's increasing isolation is due to the special charisma of Indian Prime Minister Modi who has managed a political and diplomatic coup for India. India under the leadership of Modi is all out and about to diplomatically isolate Pakistan.

Be it India, USA or any other country, only sustained efforts will result in long term benefits. It is high time that nations understand that diplomacy and police work can tackle and thwart terrorist attacks more effectively than precision air attack. Terrorism is a weed which needs continuous and sustained efforts by countries of the world. Diplomatic isolation is the right path to bring in a terror-free nation. Zero tolerance towards terrorism and organizations and nations supporting it shall be condemned in all aspects to have a sustainable and safe future. Modi's diplomacy will continue to serve as the backbone to counter terrorism in multi-faceted aspects such as military power, intelligence, law enforcement and economy.



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