Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Essay on Climate Change is Farce for UPSC

Essay on Climate Change is Farce for UPSC

Over the years, climate change has been a cause of worry for the scientists across the globe. Several studies have been done to estimate the reasons behind changes in climate, global warming, melting of glaciers and warming of ocean waters etc. But there hasn't been any defined theory that justifies and authenticates the reasons put forth by various climate scientists and experts in regard to this change in climate.
Globalization, urbanization and industrialization are often considered the main cause behind the climatic change which is affecting the society on whole. It is believed that carbon dioxide gas released in the air through various sources viz. industries, burning, car emissions etc, is raising the temperature of the planet and if this is continued the same way, the Earth will soon become a hot planet without any habitation. The links between the rise in temperature and carbon emission cannot be denied. We have been listening to these predictions over the years. But the question which arises remains the same over the years. "Is the rate of climate change really this fast and "Will Earth really become inhabitable?"

It is high time that the layman as well as the experts understand that the change is marginal and the various assertions which are coming in news lately like climate change leads to child marriages or linking global warming to malaria is completely baseless. The focus should be shifted to real problems. All this tends to resonate that climate change is a farce.
Each country has defined set of climate policies which undermine the efforts made by the people of the nation to avoid exploiting the environment. Environmentalists and climate scientists are studying day and night about various climate phenomena. While majority of scientists studying the climate change have agreed that human activity is responsible for changing the climate, there are still some who deny that climate change is for real and even exists or that humans are responsible for its occurrence. These deniers are usually not climate scientists nor do they come face to face with the scientists who claim any change. These deniers usually focus their attention on the media, the general public and policy makers with the aim of delaying any action on climate change. They are often backed upon by various coal and oil companies who fund them to publish and stand against the reality of climate change. Over the years, there have been several arguments employed by the deniers, some of which are even contradictory to each other. They have claimed that climate change is not occurring at all. Some say that climate globally is actually getting colder thereby declining the fact that temperature is actually rising. Some of their claims agree with increase in global temperature, but deny any connection with human activities. Some claim that human activities are causing the rise in temperature but the subsequent impacts are not sufficient for the need of any policy. After attesting the reality and importance of global climate change for almost two decades, their tactics have shifted their focus on arguing over the fact that though climate change is occurring but the cost incurred to take any action is too high or it's too late to take any action. However, all such fake claims have been rejected by the global climate community on the whole. To understand the scientific consensus on climate change, there have been studies of various published journals over the years. As a conclusion, it has been found that half of the published articles gave equal heed to the claims of deniers in opposition to the scientific credited views. Media is also to blame for the same to some extent. This discrepancy is a result of the media's drive to provide equal weight to both sides with equal attention. As a result, the reality of climate change still remains an unfolded story. Scientists across the globe are still debating over the issue whether climate change is for real or is it any absurd comedy whose truth is not known.

Merely not going by the claims of the deniers, it is high time that people start believing on the factual study conducted by climate scientists using high-end technology incorporating satellites to estimate the real cause of the problem and also find out solution to the same as a team because climate change is what is affecting not only these scientists but everyone occupying a space in this universe. Not working and acknowledging this problem is equivalent to letting a fire burn down the whole building just because the temperature of the flames is not known, or not addressing the fact that smoking causes lung cancer because few doctors still claim its authenticity. According to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), one cannot delay working upon the climate change over uncertainty over some of its aspects. Now, it is time that the world stops ignoring the climate change and takes up responsibility as a citizen of the planet to counter this problem. Sidelining the claims of any deniers, one should stick to the facts and also maintain a sense of perspective by avoiding any insubstantial theory and baseless and ineffective solutions which basically diverts one from fixing the real problem. Though it may seem, but climate change is not a farce. It is high time that we deal with this real and serious issue diligently.



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