Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Motivational Speech on Overcoming Obstacles

Motivational Speech on Overcoming Obstacles - Life’s Struggles Make Us Strong

Motivational Speech on Overcoming Obstacles
Often, we keep complaining of life’s troubles, that life is a journey strewn with thorns. The journey may be trying and taxing, but what is important is the path we are travelling. And if the path we are travelling. And if the path is too beautiful, just confirm where it leads. If we not feeling the pain and everything appears so beautiful, then we might be stagnating. As they say, if the going gets very easy, we are definitely going downhill. More than path, it is the destination, which is very important.

The path may be difficult to walk, but we should always think about the destination. If the destination is beautiful, then we should not bother how the path is. We should just keep walking. When it rains, most birds ahead for shelter; the eagle is the only bird that, in order to avoid the rain, starts flying above the cloud. And believe me, if everything were to turn good and ideal in life, then life would really become very boring, dull and drab, without any colours, without any challenge and excitement.
But as they say, if everything were good and hunky-dory in life and in the world, then why were we brought to this world. If everything in the world is good the way it is, then we definitely don’t have any place in it. As someone said and rightly so, ‘Always see the world fit for positive changes because if the world is okay the way it is, then we have no place in it’. If we have been brought to this world, then we have to find a role for ourselves to improve the world around us.

Similarly, if destiny allowed us to go through our life without any obstacles, it would cripple us. We would not be as strong as we could have been. We would have never been able to fly, like the butterfly which is prematurely taken out of the pupa thereby pre-empting the strengthening of its wings. That is why, when the man asked for strength, God gave him difficulties to make him strong. When he asked for wisdom, God gave him problems to solve. When he asked for prosperity, God gave him a brain and brawn to work with. When the man asked for courage, god gave him obstacle to overcome. When he asked for love, God gave him troubled people to help. When he asked for favours, God gave him opportunities.

Man received nothing he wanted, but the received everything the needed. We should always remember that no one will manufacture a lock without a key. Similarly, our life won’t give us problems without solution. When a door closes, another one opens. But often we stand there so long looking at the closed door, that we do not see the one that has opened. So, while facing a problem, we should face the same with patience and courage. Problems and difficulties are like a big cotton bag. It looks big a those who see it, but is light to those who handle it. So, even if you were a patient, you should not lose your patience while facing a problem.

And the best way to escape a problem is to solve it. And if a problem can be solved, no need to worry about it. But if a problem cannot be solved, what is the use worrying about the same? So we should live life without fear and confront all our obstacles with complete conviction and determination, evincing the confidence to overcome them. It is difficult moments that we are tested and our real character is revealed. Therefore, in difficult moments, we should behave like a duck. We should keep calm and unruffled on the surface, but we should keep paddling away like crazy underneath.

When the storms of life come upon us—and all of us shall experience them in some measure—we can rise above them like the eagle by setting our minds and our beliefs towards our life’s mission. The storms do not have to overcome us. We can allow our strong motivation and determination to lift us above them. Our destiny enables us to ride the winds of the storm that bring sickness, tragedy, failure and disappointment in our lives. We can soar above the storm.

It is not the burdens of life that weigh us down; it is our failure and inability to handle them. Let’s not forget that there can be no oil, if olives are not squeezed, no wine if grapes are not pressed, and no perfume if flowers are not crushed. So if we have felt any pressure in life today, we need not worry. Our destiny is just bringing out the best in us. Heated gold becomes ornament. Beaten copper becomes wires. Depleted stone becomes statue. So the more pain we get in life, we become more valuable. Living in favourable and unfavourable situations is called part of living. But smiling in all those situations called art of living.

Some flowers grow best in the sun; others grow best in the shade. Always remember, our destiny puts us where we grow best. So, we must enjoy life in all situations. It is not the years in our life that counts. It is the life in our years that is more important. So, when we are working hard to put together the goodies of a beautiful life, we must check our as to whether we are losing on life’s fun while doing so. While growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional. So grow up we must, but while doing so, we should not grow old enough to banish the child inside us. We must have a child’s energy and enthusiasm to keep enjoying all the fun that life has to offer.



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