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Essay and Speech on Importance of Helping Others

Essay and Speech on Importance of Helping Others

Importance of Helping Others
We should never forget the eternal truth that this human existence is ephemeral and transcient. All the worldly possessions we keep fighting for all the time, often debasing our inner worth therefore, are finally to be left behind in this mortal world only. The only thing that survives us and lives forever is our good deed, our good name and fame. What matters most in life is not what we do for ourselves, but what we do for others. And believe it or not, by doing good to others, we actually do good to ourselves. After all, the good name and fame earned are definitely and solely ours and would survive us even after we depart from the world stage.

All the great men we remember is because of what they have done for the others and for the society and not for what they did for themselves and their family. So, let’s make an essay to rediscover our true self and live a life that we ought to live as a human being. We have two hands; one to help ourselves and the second to help others. We ought to lead our life like a dictionary, providing meaning to everyone who refers to us. While the feeling of winning is wonderful, the feeling of helping others to win is just glorious.

When we were born, we were crying, while everybody around us was smiling. But we should always try our best to ensure that when we die, we leave this mortal world with a smile, leaving others around us crying for the sheer love, affection and good work we leave behind, deeply engraved in the sands of time.

We all know that the great inventor Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone, but the man could never call his own lovely wife and lovelier daughter. You know why? It is because his wife and daughter were deaf. They could never hear and enjoy the benefits of the instrument that Bell invented, yet this fact did not discourage Graham Bell to go on to do what he did. The man still went on to invent the great instrument, which has become so indispensable part of our day-today life today. For Graham Bell thought about the society and left a greater contribution before he died than he actually did for his own family.

Deep down inside us, we all know that the most important thing in life is much more than winning for ourselves. It is not the winning that matters, but wanting to win definitely does, but the most important thing in this life is to help others to win even if that means slowing down and changing our own race. As has been said, a candle loses nothing, if it is used to light another one. And a thousand candles can be lighted with the help of a single lighted candle.

So, when someone remembers us in his or her need, we should not mind. This is because like a candle, we are remembered only when there is darkness in someone’s life. Here, we should also remember that everyone is attracted by beauty and quality, but rare is the person who helps the ugly and the fallen ones. Mother Theresa rightly said, “If we cannot love the person whom we seen, how can we love God, whom we cannot see?” Love means believing in someone. Love takes time. It needs history of giving and receiving, laughing and crying. Love does not mean instant gratification. It only means ultimate fulfillment. Love means believing in someone, in something. It presupposes willingness to struggle, to work, to suffer and to rejoice.

Love is doing everything we can to help the others build whatever dreams they may have. Love is the commitment to growth, happiness and fulfillment of one another. It is about being the first to encourage and last to condemn. Love does not require two people to look at each other, but they require them to look together in the same direction. And love is not about becoming someone else’s best person. It is about finding someone who can help us become the best person that we can be. So, we should love a person to because of what he/she is or who he/she is but what we are when we are with him/her.

With love in our heart, we should all learn to write our hurts in the sand, and to painstakingly carve our benefits in stone. We should learn to acknowledge, appreciate and thank for the benefits and blessings we receive all the time. We should always put ourselves in other’s shoes. If we feel that it hurts us, it probably hurts us, it probably hurts the other person too. So, Next time when we decide to help someone, we should go on to help anyone and everyone in real need of such a help, without any discrimination.

As they say, within every soul, there is a rose. The God-like qualities planted in us at birth grow amid the thorns of our faults. Many of us look at ourselves and see only the thorns, the defects. We despair, thinking that nothing good can possibly come out from us. We neglect to water the good within us, and starve it before it eventually dies. We never realise our potential. We should, therefore, also learn to recognise our true self and our potential. Some people do not see the rose within themselves. Therefore, someone else must help them to show it to them. One of the greatest gifts a person can possess is to be able to reach past the thorns of another, and find the rose within them.

This is one of the characteristics of love, to look at a person, know their true faults and accepting that person into our life, all the while recognising the nobility in their soul. We should try helping others to make them realise that they can overcome their faults. If we show them the ‘rose’ within themselves, they will conquer their thorns. Only then will they blossom many times over.

Everyone in the world is believed to be self-centred. It is just the radius that differs. Still, we all have that immanent quality to do ‘good’ and be good. And we can discover our noble self by being of some good to others. That is why they say that the most beautiful thing in the world is to see someone smiling but the best thing is the knowledge that we are the reason behind that smile. Life is better when we are happy, but life is at its best when other people are happy because of us. We should always be inspired, give peace and share our smile.



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