Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Don’t’ Put All Your Eggs in One Basket - Essay for Students

Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket - Essay for Students

Generally, it so happens that while planning our life or taking a decision, we often start focusing all our attention and effort on particular person or project or objective which often, notwithstanding the best of our efforts, lead to disappointment and failure. That is why, it has been suggested by the wise that we should take care not to put all our eggs in one basket. May be that we have taken utmost care to select our goal and may be that we put in all our effort to realise the same, but it is also possible that things may not always turn out the way we thought they would.

Therefore, as far as possible, we should keep other options open. Success, sometimes, also comes through the method of trial and error. It is possible that we may not have done the ‘project-appraisal’ adequately and may fail to begin with. So, we need to be ready to try new things, to change our strategy or change our gear to pursue the success in different way in a related or different field. We should always try to ensure that whatever we do, we must do as per our core strength and as per a definite plan. As they say, if we want something we never had before, we must do something we have never done before. 

We should always be ready to change our routine, our lifestyle and habits according to the set goal. We should painstakingly make good habits and then wait and watch as to what our habits make of us. We should always keep in mind our goal and let our goal goad all our activities. All our actions should, in one way or the other, contribute to the attainment of our goals.

If we feel that the circumstances around us is not conducive to the realisation of our goal, then as far as possible, we should take initiative and effort to create the necessary atmosphere and ambience our self by taking all possible measures including befriending or getting close to those who either share our goal with us or somehow can make a positive contribution to our endeavours. We should find out the rough edges in our personality and strive hard to smoothen the same. All our activities should find out the rough edges in our personality and strive hard to smoothen the same. All our activities should revolve around and be aimed at the achievement of our goal.

While we should always try to do what we say, but we should not always say all we do. After all, as they say, sometimes silence is golden. So, even while we should be courteous to all, we should be intimate with only a few and even those few should be very well tried and tested before we can give them our confidence. We should learn to guard our secrets and keep them. After all, we can’t keep our own secrets, we should not expect others to keep them. Often out of our goodness, we share such information as ought not to be shared with all. So, we need to develop the discretion and gumption to find out what are the stuffs as need not be shared with all and sundry. After we have discovered that, we should guard the same strongly.

Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things, but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. It is this ‘extra’ that makes us ‘Extra-ordinary’, but this also means extra hard work, extra Shiv Khera famously said, ‘success is not doing different things. It is doing things differently’. And this difference comes with our vision, passion and love for our goal and, most importantly, our own hard work. If we do little things well, we would do big ones better. Often we need to work smarter, not harder, but for most of the times, our hard work eventuates and shines as smart work. So, we should learn to marshal our resources well and should do every small work, every ordinary thing extra-ordinarily to come up trumps in life.

So, as far as possible and as and when possible, at every available opportunity, we should always present our self as a very useful and resourceful person, without appearing or sounding boastful or insincere. But we should do this only in respect of our genuine qualities and if we have some qualities, we should definitely make the best of the same by making a mark for our self through hard work and perserverance. Good qualities and hard work are always noticed.

Often very good opportunities pass us by despite us being more deserving than those who actually get these opportunities, simply because the right people are not in the know of right people with right qualities at the right time and, hence, opt for anyone, even a mediocre with run of the mill abilities. So, if we keep trying to the best of our abilities, we are sure to be noticed to be given an opportunity by life no make a mark.

However, as someone said. ’when trust, promise, relationship and heart break, they don’t make noise but they pain a lot’. So we should be on our guard against losing someone’s trust and confidence. If we succeed in tricking someone, we should never think that the person is a fool. We should realise that the person trusted us much more than we actually deserved. As they say, five things can’t be recovered in life: stone after being thrown, word after being said, opportunity after being missed, and time after it is gone and, most importantly, trust after being lost.

Our confidence stemming from the confidence of possessing deserving qualities should be exuded in right measure and should, in fact, rub on others Enthusiasm is always contagious. So, we should always be brimming with and exuding it. However, we should always be brimming with and exuding it. However, we should always guard against over-confidence, which often stems from over-estimation of the self. If we can be mindful of some of these things, we are sure to make it big in life with optimal utilization of the resources at hand. Multiple options give us better surety of success than otherwise by putting all our eggs in one basket.



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