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Article on If We Don’t Have Dreams, We Don’t Have Much

Article on If We Don’t Have Dreams, We Don’t Have Much

If We Don’t Have Dreams, We Don’t Have Much
All of us keep dreaming of making it big one day though only some of us are fortunate enough to achieve what we aspire for. We should not forget that fortune always favours the brave. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to them who believe in the beauty of their dreams’. And the best way to make one’s dream come true is to wake up and get into action to realise the same. As the former India President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam put it, ‘the dream is not what you see in sleep. Dream is which does not let you sleep’.

Henry David Thoreau rightly said that ‘if you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be. Now put foundations under them’. All the big buildings and magnificent edifices we see have strong foundations supporting them. So, if we really have big dreams to make it big in any walk of life, we just need to put all it takes to realise the same by building a strong foundation with the cement and mortar of our strong resolve and perseverance. We should not forget that ‘we are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true. We may have to work hard for it, however’.

Even though there are as many dreams as there are people [or may be even more] in the world, but there are only a few chosen ones, with the requisite capabilities and qualities, who are able to complete the journey to the final destination, to claim the cherished pot at the end of the rainbow. Many either drop out or fall by the way side in their bid to snatch a place in the sun. What we need is a dogged persistence to pursue our cherished goal and it shall soon be within our reach. We can think of the postage stamp as an example. Its usefulness lies in its ability to stick to one thing till it gets to the destination. So while we rough it out to realise our dream, we should never laugh at anyone’s dream. We never know as to when that ‘nobody’ may become ‘somebody’ through his/her motivated efforts to make his/her tryst with destiny.

So, if we have dared to dream, then we should let them not be just our pipedreams. We should start working harder in a methodical and organised fashion to realise those dreams. And to realise our dreams, we shall have to first wake up and wakeup to our realities. We must make an assessment of our circumstances and situations and then put our shoulder to the wheel to get the cart of our dream move out of the rut of stagnation and failures. We should not forget that the biggest challenge of life consists of converting dreams into reality. But the biggest defeat of life comes only when we surrender our dreams to the hard realities of life.

The great Bard had said that it is very important for us to have those qualities, which are a desideratum for getting our deserved place in the sun. It is not the colour of the floating ballon which makes it fly, but helium or other relevant gaseous material. So, it is what is inside us, which is important than what is on the outside. The latter is useless without the former. So, once we have a dream, a purpose, we should do everything possible to be the best in the trade. And that is why, the great Bard emphasised on knowing more than others, working more than others and expecting less than others.

There shall be many who would be coveting the same goal as we might be having. But like every good things, the number of the cherished object is always very limited. So, we really need to have it in our self to deserve what we desire. And that is why it is very important to know more and more of our trade to have the best and most all-round knowledge and comprehension of our métier. But that is the easier part. After we have mastered the knowledge relating to the desired trade, then we also need to learn the ways to utilize the same in practical life and that would come only if we really start practicing our knowledge. We should be working real hard to race past the others in the trade.

But again, if we start expecting that our knowledge and hard work should earn us immediate success, we might be in for some disappointment for success takes its own sweet time to arrive. But come it shall definitely. The Hindu ‘Karma’ theory directs us to keep on doing our duty without any expectation. But we should know it very well; if we have sowed a seed and have been watering and nurturing it since then, it shall definitely grow to be a huge tree some day. So, once we have sowed the seed of our dream and have started watering it with the incremental efforts at acquisition of the relevant knowledge and hard work, we should be sure that our dream shall sooner than later turn into a huge tree of reality, laden with lots of fruits.

Life is like a race between a cat and a rat. Rat mostly wins. Why? The reason lies in the fact that the cat runs for food and the rat runs for life. Purpose is more important than the need. To begin with, we should definitely have a purpose to make our life meaningful. A life without a purpose is like a rudderless ship, which is bound to sink or get shipwrecked. So, we should definitely set ourselves certain life goals and then pursue the same heart and soul. A man, after all, is the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes. By changing our thoughts, we change our world. So, if all our thoughts are focused on the immediate purpose and if all are actions are oriented towards attainment of that purpose, we are sure to see a positive change in our world with the realisation of the purpose.

But yes, we should do only one thing at a time. Once a goal is achieved, then we should move to the next. But we should definitely not bite more than we can eat. Have only as much on your plate as you can eat and digest. Trying to be a jack-of-all-trades and master of none may not take us anywhere. But by trying to be a master of one trade at a time, one may become the master of many trades in course of time. And then, one day our entire life will be like a movie in the flashback. We just need to make it sure that it is worth watching.



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