Sunday, 14 October 2018

Short Paragraph on Travelling in a public bus

Short Paragraph on Travelling in a public bus

Travelling in a public bus
Travelling in a public bus is full of nuisance and trouble. Such a bus is always over crowded. You have no breathing or elbow space. There is no room anywhere. One is on one's leg. One is swinging to the iron rod of the bus. There is plenty of jostling and jolting. One's feet get crushed. One’s clothes get spoiled or torn. The people occupying the seats are quite indifferent to the standing ladies and children. They remain glued to the seats as if they were statues. The driver is quite unmindful of the weals and woes of the passengers. He drives rashly. The conductor is equally business-like. He issues tickets, collect the money. He does not sympathize with the hapless passenger. To him it is a daily routine. Quite often the pockets are picked. There is a lot of hue and cry. There are cases of eve teasing. One watches them helplessly. Gunda element has an upper hand. May god save us from such unpleasant experiences.



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