Thursday, 11 October 2018

Short Essay on Our Capital Delhi

Short Essay on Our Capital Delhi

Short Essay on Our Capital Delhi
Delhi covers an area of 1,483 sq km. and roughly, has a population of 6,220,406. Major languages spoken are Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. Its literary level is 61.54%. 

Delhi was founded in the 11th century AD. by a Rajput chieftain of the Tomara clan. The Chauhans claimed possession of the city from the Tomara clan. Prithvi Raj, the Chauhan leader and ruler of Ajmer and Delhi, made the city of Delhi famous for his heroic deeds and romantic adventures. 

The first invasion of India by Muhammad Ghori was beaten back by Prithvi Raj, but he lost when Ghori returned to defeat him the second time. Prithvi Raj was captured and put to death. Delhi then passed into the hands of Muslim rulers for the next six centuries. Under the Mughal Emperors, Delhi became a world famous city. In 1912, the capital of British India was transferred from Calcutta to Delhi. A new city, New Delhi was laid out by the side of the old city, old Delhi, by the British Indian Government. Independent India has retained its historic capital.

Today, New Delhi, extending imposing dimensions houses thousands of people, modern buildings, both, residential and official, well planned roads and fly-over, that make New Delhi a truly beautiful city. 



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