Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Short Essay on Below Poverty Line

Short Essay on Below Poverty Line

Below Poverty Line
In almost all underdeveloped countries where the income is very low, inequality has resulted in a number of evils, of which poverty is most certainly a most urgent and serious one. In India, even now, despite all the development during the past four decades, nearly forty percent of the population is poor and for most of the time suffers from extreme destitution. 

In theory, the concept of poverty can fluctuate from extreme want of necessities resulting in malnutrition, to falling short of having adequate means. 

In India, poverty has been defined as the situation in which an individual fails to earn income sufficient to buy him/her basic means of subsistence. 

To estimate the extent of poverty and measure the number of poor in our country, professional economists have made use of the concept of poverty line, which was first introduced in Indian economic analysis in 1971. 

India lacks reliable data for direct estimation of the extent of poverty, as no attempt has been made so far in this country to collect statistical information with respect to income distribution, but it is believed that the main causes of poverty are under development and inequality. Underdevelopment has been the result of the meager rates at which the economy has grown during the Five Year Plan. 



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