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Is women stalking a hindrance in India’s progress?

Is women stalking a hindrance in India’s progress?

Is women stalking a hindrance in India’s progress
“He, who searches for evil, must first look at his own reflection.”
Stalking is not a new phenomenon but it is an old way of pursuing people to fall in love with you. Our Hindi movies , which have widest range and reach to the audience, the hero is shown regularly stalking a girl, till she gives in and lives happily ever after, but it does give very poor and wrong impression to the people, in a country like ours , which has patriarch dominance, male authoritarian figures and females are not treated with either equality be it social or economic, this kind of act is taken as act of valor and gives wrong impression to male, who are growing up, less educated and feel females as an object, they get a feel of fun, frolic and game- chasing a female.

There was a celebrated case in 1996, where we all know the pursuer was a son of a high ranking police official, thus the end was tragic, where the girl in question gets killed.
The stalking is not a mere phenomenon of rural India or uneducated but also of high, mighty and powerful, thus we see that safety of woman are an issue or a threat because, male of our society cannot take no as an answer and also feel it hurts their ego and self esteem.

More than 18,000 cases of stalking were registered in last three years in the country, the Lok Sabha was informed today. According to the statistics on crime against women tabled by Minister of State for Home, Hansrai Ahir, stalking cases showed a consistent rise in last three years. As per the data 7,132 cases of stalking were registered in 2016, 6,266 cases in 2015 and 4,699 cases in 2014. Mr Ahir said as many as 8,620 people were arrested for cases related to stalking and 481 convicted for the same in 2016. In 2015, a total of 6,694 people were arrested and 473 were convicted, while in 2014, as many as 5,439 people were arrested and 262 were convicted for stalking-related crimes, the minister said.

Thus we can see this kind of activity, makes sure 50 % of the talented and achievers have social, physical and emotional threat, this does not mean all are subject to stalking but there are equal chances for every female to be subjected to this kind of mental trauma and agony, may be this is one of the reasons which is keeping the people away from taking career of their choice and making their presence felt.

But all this is causing harm to our economic and social fabric, Government of the day as well as parents pay huge amount of money to make a child professionally qualified, when this qualified person, is not able to contribute in her capacity then it means loss of GDP for the economy, a engineer , doctor or PhD. by taking classes or teaching kids, which is important but is under utilization of her capacity, similarly lot of less educated people, or highly qualified can work in workshops, factory, fields and small places and contribute to family income, live a better life, fight poverty and also contribute to the GDP.

So we can see how people being prevented from leading a better economic life due to a social and moral evil, is stopping India from growing, developing and also achieving.

Just think about last Olympic, most of our gold medals were won by female athletes, who also had to go through lots of innuendo, remarks and discouragement even for the male coaches they trained with, along with co athletes, the Indian female cricket team defeated female Pakistan cricket team in the World cup, which their male counterpart failed to do, thus we can see in many fields, our female population is not only equal but much better than any men, the mother is the best manager, hence we can see this kind of immoral, un lawful, disrespectful psychopathic acts prevents people from performing on bigger stage.

Also our society is also male dominated, many a times rumors are being spread in case we do not get the girl of our choice and do character assassination of the girl. Now a day’s lots of crimes are reported to the police, lots of crime related shows create awareness amongst people but facing this kind of situation and dealing with it; it’s a different ball game.

Society and country is made up of people, people who contribute in their own way to make the country and society at large, successful and bring new dimensions to its people, we have seen how females got together and formed the first cooperative which became famous as milk revolution. As an individual we face lot of challenges, criticism and barriers when we try to do something be it a normal or out of the box activity, thus this kind of act is not only highly condemnable but also punishable and unlawful.

We have to look at the world where people are equal with equal opportunities, the role model and leaders may not be only male, we as a country, Srilanka, UK have seen female PM, who were may be tougher than any male counterpart. Hence this kind of act prevents blooming of talent and also leads to fear psychosis amongst the female members, we not only have to condemn them but also fight it, eradicate this evil as soon as we can for our own social, economic and political growth.

Let’s pledge to make India better, safer and land of equal opportunities, for this time has come to rise and fight this evil. 



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