Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Impact of the Internet in Creating Informative Society is Dangerous for India’s Rich culture

Impact of the Internet in Creating Informative Society is Dangerous for India’s Rich culture

Impact of the Internet in Creating Informative Society
Internet is an example of how technology has grown over the years. Internet has made the world smaller and closer. It has resulted in creating a more technology friendly and informative society. Society has always been accepting of the new technologies that come. Internet is one such technology. People across the globe have accepted this with open arms. This is the reason for its tremendous growth over the years. Internet is a connection of networks joined together. It can be accessed on computers, smart phones and other supporting devices. It is a tool which has brought the world closer. It has become the most useful way of communication as it connects you to various social-networking sites. The internet and mobile technology has transformed the way people interact, work and learn. It is impacting our lives in every possible way. People are using this technology to stay connected, study about anything by searching on the search engines like Google.com, produce their own music, blog their thoughts, sell online, publish their work, create a website and talk also using video and voice calls over internet. It is an important tool used by companies across the globe to indulge in e-commerce and do marketing. It is through this medium that they are able to reach to a larger customer base. The internet is like an addictive drug. With so much to learn, search and know from the internet, people are glued to it throughout the day. They are hands on with the latest news and updates from across the world. Banking sector too is totally dependent upon it to conduct transactions and provide services of e-banking. This technological advancement has become the bare necessity for people in both developing and developed nations.

But does this technology teach one to respect and value each other? The answer certainly is NO. With the boons comes the bane too. The internet might be helpful in creating an informative society but it is drifting us from our basic value system. With the large number of people involved, the growth of technology affects how it is used and sometimes misused.

Internet has played a crucial role in globalization process. Interchange of world views and ideas are very easy and quick using this service. This has to an extent have also been reflected in the Indian culture. With the emergence and spread of internet, the deep rooted traditions and customs have been shaken up. India is known for its rich cultural background and pride of its culture is famous across the globe. People from around the world visit India to get a flavor of its culture. Internet has also helped in spreading cultural impact globally. So, if westernization has touched India through the internet and globalization, Indian culture has touched the parts of the world via the same route. Any geographical region is defined by its culture and traditions which hold a great importance in respect to its uniqueness. This is also the differentiating factor for a population of one geographic boundary from another. The charm of Indian culture has somehow been disturbed to varying degrees in lieu of internet creating an informative society.

Indian culture is known for its rich heritage, resources and warm hospitality. Diversity in aspects of religion, food, tradition, customs, music, art, architecture is prevalent and bundled into a single unit of patriotism and unity. Irrespective of being so different, Indians are same in their mindset of greeting and celebrating in a united way with tremendous love, affection and togetherness. The rich essence of the Indian culture makes it a hotspot for tourists from around the world who wants to have a taste of it. However, when the culture of India is analyzed with the internet and globalization point of view, many loop holes can be noticed with Indian culture being amalgamated with western influence. Thus, internet certainly has proven to be dangerous for the rich tradition and culture of India.

With internet becoming the new rage, the joint family culture of India has greatly suffered with nuclear families mushrooming throughout the country. The country is becoming metropolitan by day and the values of patience with grandparents and elders is vanishing resulting in old age homes developing at a fast pace. Institution of marriage has also lost its significance in the Indian culture with rising number of divorces and extra-marital affairs. This is a direct repercussion of social media being so handy because of Internet. Live-in relationships are also a result of this. The breakout of restrictions and adultery has spoiled the Indian mindsets. Internet is an easy way to access adultery which is being reflected in increasing number of rape and sexual abuse cases in the country because of the perverted minds which indulge in the illegal act of watching adultery online. Indians are also losing the social values of greeting and celebrating. The interaction among people is becoming more diplomatic on the basis of their financial status. They are happy celebrating a westernized concept of Valentine's Day instead of Diwali or Holi which are considered auspicious in Indian culture. Internet has also put an effect on the language of the people in the country. Hindi, the popular language of the country is taking a back seat and foreign languages like English, Spanish, French and German are coming upfront. People are learning the basics of these languages using the Internet. Westernization through the internet in terms of food and clothing can also be seen. Pastas and Noodles are more enjoyed by people instead of their regional and staple food. Packaged food has taken over the entire Indian market. The change in clothing is also a distraction for the perverted minded people. Indians were pre-dominantly involved in agriculture. But with internet paving the way for globalization, MNCs culture have set up in India offering lucrative deals and employment opportunities to large number of man in the country.

Internet has played a major part in impacting the rich cultural heritage of our country. The impact has rather been alarming. Internet is a technology and should thus be only used when required. It should be used to spread awareness about the beauty of diversity which the country has to offer rather than getting foreign values imbibed. Thus, we as responsible citizens of the country need to be more cautious with the globalization and westernization which are a result of internet to preserve the pride and maintain the cultural prestige of the country.



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