Friday, 5 October 2018

Essay on Self help is The Best help

Essay on Self help is The Best help

Self help is The Best help
It is rightly said that “God helps those who help themselves.” It means that we must be self confident and learn to move about and proceed without the assistance of crutches. No one can deny that the key to an immortal glory is the attitude of self-help.

It implies that a person should not remain dependent on anyone to do a large part of his work and should act without relying on the help of others.

A person who is used to work with his own hands is always happy. He does not have to look at others to do small jobs like washing, cleaning, cooking, etc. If a child is taught to be self-reliant, he grows up into a confident individual.

He learns to respect the labor of other people. He becomes more sympathetic to the problems that a person faces, while performing tasks on his own, performing his own task is like worship to his God for hum. Praying in temples or at other religious places loses any importance for him.

A student who shirks burning the midnight oil for his studies and resorts to using cheap methods and short-cuts gradually becomes fully and uselessly dependent on these easy means of approach. As he grows, he develops neither respect for hard-work nor does he grow to be a correct human-being.

He becomes a liability for the society. It is true that in today's world only such people seem to be earning money. It is, however, also true that a stage comes in these people's life- when they suffer because of the wrong attitude developed early in life. They lose respect, name and prestige when their weaknesses are exposed!

As is the case of an individual, so is it with a Nation. No country can hope to become great and prosperous, if it remains solely dependent on foreign assistance for its development. A nation has to rely on its own strength for achieving self-sufficiency. If a nation lacks money or resources, it can hope to obtain thou through international aid. However if the moral courage and attitude of hard work are missing, it cannot achieve it by begging from others.
In order to attain riches, prosperity and respect, a Nation must, therefore, consciously pay attention towards developing its human and natural resources.

It should thoughtfully utilize all its loans and internal resources so that a stage may come when the Nation may stand on its own feet. This means that if we have to develop into a good citizen and good nation, we must learn the value and importance of self-help. 



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