Monday, 1 October 2018



A library is a gateway to knowledge' more so in schools. Our school library is an excellent education resource. It represents a massive annual financial investment by the school in the form of print materials, audio-visual equipment, computer hardware and software, every year.

The library has a vast array of resources at its disposal. Some of the resources are books, recent newspapers, newspaper clippings, magazines, educational videos and multimedia CD-ROMs. Rated as one of the best in our city, it has separate wings for material that can be borrowed and material that is treated only as reference and hence cannot be borrowed.

The reference wing, which is to the right of the building, is filled with encyclopedias, dictionaries and rare books. It is equipped with two photocopiers, which can be used to copy content from reference books. We are charged a nominal amount for this service. The left Wing houses books in all genres multicultural, folk, myth, biographic mysteries, adventure stories, animal stone science fiction, geography, history, sport poetry and the list can go on for the different age groups. All of us are allowed to borrow two books at a time, to be returned or renewed within a week.

Our librarian is a very friendly lady who is completely adept at the computer. She helps us locate books and is available right at the entrance. The entire library's catalogue is computerized and one can search for any book on any one of these parameters viz., author, title, publisher and category, year of publishing and even reading levels.

A spacious and calm reading area in-between these two wings, with comfortable chairs and tables are inviting enough to pick a book and read it cover-to-cover. Since our library hour is a mere one-hour per week, I borrow a lot of books. As an avid reader, I spend most of my free time and even holidays in the library. Normally before I head to the library I try to define: the purpose for going to the library and what will I need, if anything, to achieve this purpose? This helps me make the most of my visit.

As a treasure house of knowledge, my school library has always motivated me attain higher levels of excellence. 



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