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Essay on Intolerance in India for UPSC and SSC

Essay on Intolerance in India for UPSC and SSC

Intolerance in India for UPSC and SSC

“Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit.” -Mahatma Gandhi 
What is Intolerance? We can define intolerance as "unwillingness to accept views, beliefs or behavior that differs from one's own.”Intolerance is not a rare phenomenon, rather ever 2 to 3 decades we have seen it cropping up in various locations or geography of the earth. 

We have seen people are always looking for a change. This can be looked into French revolution, Marxist Revolution in 1917, also Renaissance as also be intolerant or intolerance of people. We can also think sometimes being intolerant can also be positive, like in the case of Iraq we have seen people who were scared of a tyrant called Saddam Husain, over threw his regime and destroyed everything that reminded of him. 

India was 4th from the Top in the worst case of religious violence; we stand 12th in the list of most racist country, where Pakistan stands 11th and USA stands on Top. So, we see this narrative is all over the globe, but last few months we have heard too much intolerance debate after Narendra Modi Government came into power, this is not a one of situation but we in India have such a history but now we have 100 plus Media Channels, who runs for 24 hours, thus during pre cable television and social networking days, this kind of news would get censored or not shown with ferocity which will leads to instigation, unrest and atmosphere of distrust. 

We always talked about Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb but our history and geography is filled with scars of religious riots and violence; be it Gorakhpur, Delhi and Punjab during 1984, Gujarat 2002 or Gorakhpur or UP 2014. It means a simple thing-we Indians are always emotional and sentimental and can be driven to violent outburst very easily and quickly, But this is done primarily in few accounts and by few vested interest groups:

1. After the partition and violence accompanied by it created bitterness and in the heart of the people, also the wars we fought with our neighbors also helped in creating an atmosphere where we got divided into religious sect, language and community. The best possible example is we can see during reality show where people do not vote on merit but on caste, religion and language of the participant not performance on the given day. 

2. With Congress who was losing ground after assassination of Late Indira Gandhi, there was rise of or mushrooming of regional parties, which not only propagated the language or mother tongue supremacy but also ethnicity and religious fervor; we all know those parties.

3. Mid 90s till 2014, there was a coalition government at Centre, where no political party had the numbers to form the government thus there was rampant horse trading, power broking and corruption by those, we all are aware of scams and GAG reports which unfurled each scams, with 2014, these regional players who are marginalized, then result of UP election came as a jolt to their aspiration, thus a new term was coined called "intolerance." 

4. Few people who feel they are champion of rights and liberties of minorities in India, so they will make statements which will divide more than unite and they do it to promote their movies or their work or create a niche market for themselves. 

Killing in the name of religion is a murder. There can never be any way to justify or defend the indefensible, be it killing in name of religion, caste or language. These killings are for real, no doubt but playing politics and giving it a color is equally bad for the moral fabric of our country, then giving it a hue of minority and trying to appease them by giving it a reason to feel threatened or insecure by a major Italian government, is more the play of religion and region based political parties, whose significance has come to minuscule due to clear mandate and repetitive victory of one single party. 

There are bad apples and sour grapes in every bowl, be it any form of profession, life, society or family. These people do not form the major voice but they are ugly and disturbing voice for sure, thus we have to deal with them strongly and punish them for their misdeeds but never treat a crime with the glove of religion, why this is important as most of the regional party did it and see, they became insignificant in past 3 years, losing elections, as new India, is of people who are 21 yrs to 35 yrs, who are 65% of the population and they want to rise high. 

They have aspirations, goals and seeking achievement. They are not bothered about the name and religion of the person who is working with them, they are more concerned on their comfort level, they are more keen to grow, any political party who are looking for development, who are giving facility and growth pattern will be more welcome to be at the helm of power. 

Finally, we can see India is now more intolerant towards corruption and caste based divide and with level of education we have been able to see through the games our politicians play. Another important aspect is our media has to be more responsible, they have divided themselves as opinion makers than new tellers. They have chosen to be a part of either of the block and have become their mouth piece and propaganda machine. 

Thus, we can firmly conclude we are not intolerant. The fringe will never makes us intolerant, these people are abbreviation to our society and their effort and work is more with criminal and communal intent, so we should not fall into their trap, rather we should be smart enough to see through them and their heinous design. 

We as a country always taught peace, calmness and introspection for centuries; our fabric is too strong to be withered by few groups or few individuals.



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