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Essay on Importance of Sports in our life

Essay on Importance of Sports in our life

Importance of Sports in our life
The value of games is now being increasingly recognized in India from personal, social, educational and national points of view. Games and sports are essential for all round development of a personality because these help in physical development and fitness. It is by playing games and sports that we can develop and maintain our health.

Many of the modern diseases like hypertension, blood pressure, diabetes, piles, obesity, indigestion etc. are because modern comforts and conveniences resulting in lack of proper exercise ad outdoor physical activities like games and sports. And it is only in a sound body that a sound mind resides. Absence of games has also resulted in many mental ailments and sleeplessness.

Games keep our body alert active, youthful and energetic. In activities involving games and sports the blood circulation increases and there is supply of oxygen in plenty. Only a healthy person can work, long, hard and cheerfully.

A weak person would never take as much interest in work as does the healthy one. Health can be maintained by taking some exercise alone at home or in some suitable, secluded place like a park, bank of a river etc. But games and sports have some additional benefits as they are played in groups and in healthy competitive spirit. 

Among many other things, they help develop quality of leadership, team spirit and a willingness to submit to and further the rule of law. Games install in the players the spirit of self reliance, justice, fair play and sporting spirit.

They make people bold, adventurous, disciplined and more conscious of their responsibilities towards society and nation. Players have been found better equipped to fight superstitions, communalism, obscurantism and narrow approach to issues of national interest. The kind of excitement joy, thrill and entertainment they provide is, of the best type. Games make the exercise interesting and inspire confidence in one's work. These also teach to take success and failure alike in one's stride in a sporting spirit. 

So, games and sports have all these additional advantages which an exercise taken for physical fitness and health lacks. A player is bound to become broad-minded, tolerant, principled, disciplined, honest, more secular in his approach and tough to tackle problems. 
It is said that "The battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton," because the hero of this battle was a student of this famous school. It is here as a student and player that he developed the great qualities of leadership, Patriotism heroism, endurance, courage, teaming spirit etc. which later helped him in defeating Napoleon finally. 

These and other qualities of character cultivated with the help of games and sports are quite essential for success in life, provide much needed self-confidence and fair play to the players and sports persons. They widen the mental horizon of players and make them a true follower of the rule of law.

A player has to follow certain rules and regulations of the game; he is penalized for a foul or transgression of the rule. He or she has to abide by the decision of the referee. He has to play in a certain place and position under the captain or skipper of his team. He has to respect and obey his captain. Success in a game depends on co-operative team spirit and combined energetic efforts. 

A team has to play as an organic whole in a competitive spirit with another team. And these go a long way in inculcating in the players both consciously and unconsciously the spirit of adventure, discipline, fair play, team spirit, co-operation and taking of quick and right decisions. 

A sports person would never lose his or her temper and morale even in face of defeat because he/ she would take it coolly, calmly and then would try to perform better the next time. Players know that victory and defeat are the two aspects of the same coin. There is more joy in playing than in its end result, as in games so in life. 

A good player would never give up or admit defeat, nor would he be demoralized by defeat. In joy and success also he would keep his cool and equipoise. The defeated players and their team congratulate the winning team; shake hands with the winning players which teach them to face realities of life with a smiling face in a spirit of detachment and indifference of an onlooker. 

Games also help in overcoming the sense of violence, arrogance and superiority as these are purged by providing them sufficient outlet. 

There cannot be a better training place than a play-ground for our young men and women preparing to enter the fray and combat of life. It is not success or failure or the length of life that is significant, but what is of utmost importance is the quality of life, the way, the spirit in which it has been spent in the words of poet Grant land Rice: For when the one Great Scorer comes to write against your name. He marks not that you won or lost but how you played the game.

Games and sports develop character; give health which are quite essential for improving the quality of life, acquiring wealth and success. It is because of these reasons that our government and education institutions have become so sports conscious and greater funds are being allotted for sports, games and promotion of adventure.

Sports in India are a state subject but the center helps the states by rendering financial assistance and laying down guidelines for sports activities. Many states have now introduced games and sports as compulsory subject in the schools and some of them have stated sports schools, sports hostels etc. Corporate and private sector should also come forward to help promote games and sports.

A beginning has been now made in the sense that many national sports events are now being sponsored by some well known business houses, firms, companies and establishments. Encouragement of sports and games is also desirable as it helps in decreasing the general incidence of crimes. 

The business and corporate bodies should spend a percentage of their income not only in sponsoring national sports events but also in providing playing grounds, equipment and other facilities necessary for the promotion of games and sports. 



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