Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Essay on Impact of Advertisement on us

Essay on Impact of Advertisement on us

Essay on Impact of Advertisement on us
In this age and day, the entire commercial sector moves on Advertisements. But these are no more subtle and understated, as in the yesteryears. Campaigning of products is now more aggressive and often derogatory to rival companies, take the example of Coca Cola and Pepsi.

All over the world, advertising is affecting the thought process and life-styles of people. Companies advertise their products through Newspaper, magazines, television and even hoardings on the streets, It seems that we are living in a brand world. Everywhere you turn, you see an advertisement.

The field has opened up new job opportunities. Advertisement also generates tot of revenue. They promote sales and business. They are eye catching and viewers into instant buyers. People are tempted to buy what they see. Companies also advertise through exhibitions in five star hotels and trade grounds. Their powerful Advertising onslaught can hardly be ignored. People, are tempted to buy despite their better judgment.

It’s a man-eat-man world and every company needs to advertise its products if it has to survive the competition. Advertising is a creative field and has opened up various avenues such as modeling, copywriting, ad direction etc. This has increased employment. It is an industry of great creativity and Intellect.

But all is not rosy in the ad world. Many people, especially children, face grave injuries, and even when they try to imitate the stunts shown in ads. For example a 14 year old boy Prasad Saha died while imitating a stunt from soft drink ads. Thus children should not believe everything they see and should use their better sense. Parents and elders should take care of this.



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