Sunday, 16 September 2018

The autobiography of a Butterfly

The Autobiography of a butterfly

The autobiography of a Butterfly

I am a butterfly. I roam from plant to plant and suck their fragrance. I smell this flower and reject the other one. I am a beautiful coloured insect with large golden wings. The meaning of the word butterfly is an inconstant person too. I, too, often change sides. I do not stick to one object. I am the favourite of all who visit a garden or a park. Children love and like me very much. They run after me to catch and preserve. I am their darling. Student of Biology put me in bottles in some chemical and preserve me for a longer period of time. They make a number of experiments on me by dissecting my body. Different parts of my body teach them a lot. Many children catch me and preserve me in their scrapbooks. It is a new hobby to collect butterflies. I fail to understand why they imprison, press and kill me. I am more lovable when I am alive or when I become a lifeless object; it is for you to decide.



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