Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Paragraph on small family is a Happy Family

Paragraph on small family is a Happy Family

It is very true that a small family is a Happy Family. The lesser number of children is a boon not only to their parents but also to the country itself. They have better chances of food, clothing and education. A cluster of stars pales before a single moon. Too many children are a burden on society or family. Over-population is a bane. All the plans of progress and development stand nullified when the family is in trouble; happiness vanishes. If we have a limited and planned family, we are gay and happy. Thereby we are doing the job of the country. By helping ourselves we are helping the country. One son and one daughter are ideal. Too many sons and daughters cause misery and unhappiness. They invite unnecessary trouble. Unlimited children cause problems. They snatch morsel from the mouths of their parents. It is high time that we rose to the occasion. We must plan our family. We should give them every happiness of life. We are their parents not their enemies.



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