Monday, 10 September 2018

Paragraph on The saddest day of my life

Paragraph on The saddest day of my life

The saddest day of my life

Even today I curse that day-the first January of last year. My grandmother who was hale and hearty had a nasty fall. She fell down headlong. Her heart failed. She expired, she left us orphan. She went and with her went the happiness of the house. The father suffered a heavy loss in business. We were nearly undone.

I failed in the third quarterly examination. Our happiness had vanished. Everyone looked sad and gloomy. We felt heart-broken. There remained no good hope in life. The world appeared totally unbearable. We wept bitterly. There was sadness in the house. We had no meals. God's ways are mysterious. He gives to one and snatchers from other. He has kept everything secret from us. I shall always remember this inauspicious day



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