Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Paragraph on A period without teacher

Paragraph on A period without teacher

A period without teacher

Children enjoy a lot the period which is without a teacher. They quarrel and fight freely. They do not obey the monitor or the senior boy. They disturb the peace of the whole school. There is good deal of noise in every corner of the classroom. Some boys indulge in beating the desks. Other sing and dance. They do not even allow serious and wise students to study. Their job is fun, nothing but fun. They become careless and non-serious. They do not have the habit of self study. Of course, there are still some good students who at least perform their homework. Others try to revise one chapter or the other. But the pandemonium around them does not give them respite. They request the evil doers and mischief mongers to the keep silence. But their request fall on deaf ears. There enters the teacher. There is a graveyard silence as if nothing had happened.



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