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Paragraph on One Good Turn Deserves Another

Paragraph on One Good Turn Deserves Another

One Good Turn Deserves Another
People say: Do good, have good. If you wish good of others, your good is automatically ensured. If I do good to others, they are bound to think of my well-being. My welfare is not likely to suffer. This world is not a place for doing any good. The people here are ungrateful. But this does not mean that we should shun goodness. We must try our utmost of doing good to others till the last breath. After all you have one life to live. Why not spend it in the service of men? What I do, I do for the coming generation. If my deeds are for the betterment of humanity, I am sure the posterity will always remember me with gratitude. All the great man of the world have been good in one way or the other. Whatever little I could contribute is worth the game. Nothing goes unrewarded. The fruits of your action either good or bad are bound to follow. Then why bad action, why not good and everlasting actions? Your noble deeds do repay though in the long run.

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