Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Paragraph on the Night before the examination

Paragraph on The Night before the examination

The Night before the examination
A night before the examination is very disturbing and baffling. One cannot sleep. One is sleepless and restive. He is up and doing. The books look like a mountain of Darkness. Every question appears to be blank. The heart beat increases as soon as one thinks of the actual examination. The ticking of the alarm clock is clearly audible. The time seems to be running at a snail's speed. You drink water again and again. The mother bids you to sleep and rest. But you are sitting like a statue in front of the table lamp. The pages of the books are fluttering. The eyes are heavy with sleep. You lie on the bed for a while. You try to sleep and close your eyes. But the sleep is nowhere. This night is very critical and crucial. The time hangs heavy on you. You appear to be weak and pale. You are suffering from examination fever. You are an acute case of Insomnia. Your condition is pitiable. You look very pathetic. This very night becomes a virtual Nightmare. It is very lengthy. There appears to be no end of it.



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