Monday, 10 September 2018

Paragraph on The happiest day of my life

Paragraph on The happiest day of my life

The happiest day of my life
I cannot forget the day of 8 June 2018. It was my birthday. The same day my result was declared. I had stood first. I had topped the list of successful candidates. The press people came to my door. They had my interview. I felt highly elated. My parents and my brothers and sisters were all overjoyed. Their joy knew no bounds. It was an occasion of great merriment. Some days back the father had purchased a lottery ticket just to try his luck. Fortune smiled on him. The father had won a prize of 50000 rupees. Happiness has increased manifold. Now I wanted to go to abroad. So far money was a stumbling block. But now by the grace of Almighty that trouble was removed. I was extremely jubilant. How can I forget such a luckiest and happiest day of my life!



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