Monday, 24 September 2018

Letter to the Principal of your school for the remission of fine.

Letter to the Principal of your school for the remission of fine

Letter to the Principal for the remission of fine
44 Ganga hostel,
Krishna nagar, Lucknow.
October 13 2018
The Principal
St. Anthony senior secondary school,
Krishna nagar, Lucknow.
I am a student of class 10th B, Roll No. 16 of your school. Last Sunday our English Teacher held special class at 9 a.m. But I reached late only by 5 minutes. The teacher got annoyed with me. When I sought his permission to attend the class, he beat me. I quietly, with least grumble underwent the punishment. Still his anger did not subside. He turned me out of the class. He imposed a special fine of Rs 50/- on me.
I most humbly explained to him that the local buses were on strike. But he did not listen to me, rather pushed me out. Sir, I am the most obedient and I have never been late.
Please remit his fine of fifty rupees and oblige. Thanks!
Your faithfully,




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