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God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Essay in English

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Essay in English

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

It is a golden proverb which is applicable universally. Those who help themselves are helped by God. God comes to their help only who try to toil. Who painstakingly involve themselves in their work. An idler is an idler. He is not offered any help from any quarter. He is refused point blank. He is empty-handed. He remains empty-handed. He does not prosper. He does not know the dignity of labour. He does not pay heed to the advice of his relatives and friends who advise him again and again to make sustained efforts.

A man, who by nature and necessity imbibes the spirit of hard work, is bound to succeed in life. His permanent habit of self-help stands him in good stead always. He outshines everywhere. He is a model for others. He becomes an ideal for his friends and colleagues. He earns plenty of wealth. He earns respect enough. Others emulate him, others follow him blindly. Even others rush to his help if his wagon of life gets enmeshed. When it is very difficult to drag it, the people shoulder it out of the slush. They give him a helping hand. This will give him self-confidence. He will become an architect of his own destiny.

God rushes to the help of his devotee. Now who is a true devotee? A true devotee is one who is a sincere worker, one who believes in his muscles; one who has muscles of iron and nerves of Steel. The proverb teaches us that we must stand on our own feet. We must not look sideways for alms and charity. We must dig the well ourselves in order to quench our thirst. No one else will come to our aid. The world is selfish. The world is awfully busy. No one bothers for others. If you master up courage yourself, others will encourage you. Their pat will give you the much needed help and the encouragement and the game will be won.

Let us learn a valuable lesson from it. Let me help myself and you yourself. Others will help themselves. The whole field will be won by the grace of the Lord. The essence is: Gird up your lions and the victory is yours: Success kisses your feet.



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