Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Essay on Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others

Essay on Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others

This simple saying advises you to be careful and vigilant. It stresses the necessity of behaving very cautiously. One need not walk six inches above the ground. One must be a realistic and commonplace. Too much of boasting and bragging is fake and false. 

All of us have the same body under the colourful dresses. If I tear your shirt and wound you, you can pay me in the same coins. Then what face I shall show to you. I will be ashamed of my conduct. I shall be tendering an unqualified apology. People living in high society should not mock at others. As all of us are likely to err, then why should we not behave attentively. We must be extra careful in our day to day dealings. There is little charm if we pin-point other’s flaws, defects and loopholes. As all of us are hundred percent imperfect. Let us peep into our hearts. Our weaknesses and frailties are plentiful. We hide them. We keep up a clean and tidy appearance, when the reality is otherwise. 

We must remember that perfection and flawlessness lie with the Almighty. He wields a Supreme Power. We as his children should behave properly. We are as brittle and tender as glass itself. If we provoke or get provoked, the result will be nasty and dangerous. Who is flawless? None, we all are with our feet in the mud. We want to keep up a clean image. External cleanliness will not do so much as the internal. The latter is a must. It will teach you to be fair and square. You have no right to misbehave or show awkward manners. 

I sweep my door and throw the garbage at the door of Mr James, my business partner and neighbour. James is no weak and timid. He will break my neck, bleed my nose, give me a brave fight and settle his own scores. This is the way of the world. People behave irresponsibility and then scratch their heads and weep. But by then a great loss has been done. Let us be wise.



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