Saturday, 8 September 2018

Essay on The person I hate the most

Essay on The person I hate the most 

Essay on The person I hate the most

Mohan is the person whom I hate the most. He is lazy and idle. He does not value time. He shirks work. He is the most irregular and unpunctual. He is always late for the school. He never comes with his homework. He is always standing on the bench. He is his own enemy. 

He is always in the company of bad boys. He commits mistakes after mistakes. He is great mischief-monger. He always indulges in gossips, he wastes his time. He is quite careless. He is never serious. He is a fool of the first water. 

His parents are very much sick of him. They are fed up with his antics and pranks. The Neighbours come to his parents with complaints against him. They are always tired of him because of his misbehaviour and bad manners. He is cunning fellow, putting the blame at others’ doors. He never admits His fault. He pretends to be innocent and harmless. In reality he is a rogue and knave. 

He fails in every home test. He has been in the same class for the last 3 years. When he is asked the cause of the repeated failures, he smiles like a ruffian and replies that he is gaining experience. He is strengthening his Foundation. May god save us from his bad influence! His very shadow is full of hatred. 

He is given to bad habit. He drinks and gambles. He is Vagabond. He is not fit to be called a true friend of anyone. He is extremely quarrelsome. He is a source of constant trouble to others. He shrugs his shoulders in irresponsibility. He is a great nuisance. He is an all time headache. 

He has been caned time and again by the principal of the school. He has been punished by his parents. There is least improvement in him. He is incorrigible. May God give him sense and wisdom!



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