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Essay on A Journey By Aeroplane Essay

Essay on A Journey By Aeroplane

Essay on A Journey By Aeroplane
Since time immemorial, man has seen birds flying high in the sky. He has imagined himself to be a bird with powerful wings, soaring high and high in the firmament. He has learnt this art of flying from the birds. During the present century the Wright brothers of America perfected this flight of the aeroplane. The independent India introduced this great boon of modern science and technology right from 1947. Our plains and warships are equally ultra modern and advanced. In all the major cities of India the airport and aerodromes are working magnificently. Indira Gandhi international airport is one of the best airports of the world.

Last summer we, a group of three teachers and 24 students, decided to visit kashmir. We wanted to travel by air. We booked our seats well in advance. We reached the airport meant for domestic flights. We passed through many moments of anxiety and eagerness. Our heartbeat got enhanced. We went through security checks and boarded the luxurious airbus. The air hostesses welcomed us with folded hands. We entered the cabin. The seats were very cozy and spacious. We occupied it. 

The plane ran speedily on the ground for a few seconds. Then it gained momentum and rose straight high in the sky. Now we were thousands of feet above the earth. The city of Delhi looked very tiny, as if it were a cluster of a few hutments. The plane appeared to be stationary, not moving at all. We were served coffee and hot snacks. A few of us got fruit juice. This sumptuous fare is a part of the flight. We felt highly elated, our spirits rose sky high. We were thoroughly enchanted. This delightful pleasure was unforgettable. Alas it ended too soon! Within 55 minutes, even 5 minutes before an hour, we were at srinagar. Our joy knew no bounds. We touch the paradise on earth, we received Kashmiri hospitality in ample measures.



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