Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Essay on India's Defence preparedness

Essay on India's Defenc preparedness

India's Defenc preparedness
Defence preparedness is the need of the hour. A country like India which is surrounded by Enemies on all fronts, the need of defending our frontiers arises all the more. On our Northern side, the great Himalayas stand like a Lofty tower. Hitherto it has been our pillar of strength. It was The Sentinel of our country. But the myth has proved false during the Chinese Aggression of 1962. The Chinese aeroplanes and warplanes hovered over our NEFA and Ladakh areas. They bombed the civilian population time and again and our snow-capped mountains could do little. 

Our immediate neighbouring countries are Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma, Nepal, Tibet and Bangladesh. All of these neighbours, Pakistan has been waging wars again and again. In 1965 and again in 1971, this country has given us a lot of trouble. It has drained off most of our defence resources. A greater part of our budget is being spent on our defence preparedness. Millions of Rupees are earmarked for this sole purpose. Our border is very long and circuitous. The Himalayan border is 1700 miles long criss-crossing from Leh (Kashmir) to Imphal touching Burma. 

Our defence forces are vigilant and wide-awake day and night. They guard our frontiers heroically. Their valour is unsurpassable. Our Land, air and sea forces are fully prepared to meet any challenge. They are ready for every eventuality. During the first Chinese war, we were caught unawares, since then we have perfected ourselves with all-super jets and bombers. Now no power on earth can snub us or beat us back. We are a force to reckon with. 

Thanks to the prudence of our three worthy Prime ministers-Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri and Indira Gandhi-who boosted the morale of our Jawans by their liberal patronage and encouragement.



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