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Essay on Impact of Multi TV Channels on Indian Society

Essay on Impact of Multi TV Channels on Indian Society

 Impact of Multi TV Channels on Indian Society

Television (Doordarshan) was started in India in September, 1959 when the All India Radio set up an experimental T.V. Service in Delhi, 1976, T.V. was linked from AIR and independent Directorate was set up its own staff to plan, create and produce its program. After cinema television is the most important and powerful medium of instruction, education and entertainment. The Government has taken up the responsibility expansion of television network throughout the country. 

Starting with two channels, Indian T.V has now about 75 channels throughout the country. Zee T.V., Zee Cinema, STAR Plus, STAR sports, E.S.P.N., B.B.C., CNN, MTV, SONY, AN, STAR News are some important multi-channels. Disc. Antennas and Cable T.V. have expanded the T.V. network throughout the country. The T.V. viewers can now see any of the programs of their choice such as news, sports, music, films and T.V. serial for all the twenty four hours. With the advent of multi channels, the Doordarshan has also changed the format of its programs to entertain the T.V. viewers and earn more revenue from commercial advertisements and sponsorship. 

Doordarshan and Metro channels are facing cut-throat competition from multi TV channels. The programs of Doordarshan used to be boring and dull but after the emergence of multi-channels, even Doordarshan and Metro Channels have also started to adjust their programs according to viewer's demand. As compared to Doordarshan and Metro Channels, the serials, news etc, of multi-channels is quite better. Cable T.V.’s have the public from going to cinema halls for films as they show the latest films.

Television can reach to the people in a short span of time. Its impact is positive as well as negative, especially in the context of a developing country like India. In our country people are unaware of many basic things account of lack of education. Television can play a very significant role enlightening them about the latest devices of agriculture, the utility of various types of fertilizers and pesticides or the latest methods of enhancing agricultural production. It can pull them out of their superstitious world and modernize their thinking. It can be used to spread the message of family planning throughout the country. It can be helpful in educating promoting national integration. Television can be of immense use in a educating students in schools colleges and universities. For achieving these aims the programs at T.V. have to be very balanced. Unfortunately, commercial intents are inflaming the programs or serials at multi T.V. channels. The sponsors and advertisers are dictating the norms and values of life which will have negative impact on the T.V. viewers. In our country there is wide gap between the rich and poor. Hence only the rich will be benefitted by commercial based programs on multi T.V. channels and the poor will keep on lagging behind. Most of the programs on multi channels are film based. The educative role of TV has to be increased which is lacking at present. In our country the people have to be educated first and then to be fed with the programs of specialized nature. Along with light comedy programs, there should be wide coverage of social development programs.

Multi T.V. channels have brought about confusion in the TV viewers. They are unable to concentrate on the popular programs as they have option to keep on changing the channels according to their choice. Short commercial breaks during a program are in fact not short intervals but commercial advertisements are arousing the commercial need of the viewers which have led to over consuming tendencies. This has an adverse effect on the desire to save.

TV is a very powerful medium and as such the children start imitating what is shown on the TV. It may lead to increase in violent tendencies. The multi T.V. channels which are showing different programs and films all the twenty four hours, are adversely affecting the studies of the children as they keep on watching T.V. even during their study hours.

The foreign T.V. channels are attempting to impose their culture and values. One can often see obscene films and scenes of violent activities on these multi T.V. channels. This can adversely affect Indian culture and values. Such programs can corrupt our young generation. The impact of TV programs depends to a great extent on the intelligence and receptivity of TV viewers. Hence people with mature mind can adjust and take    only those things which may be useful to them but those who are immature, are adversely affected by these programs.

The impressions are formed by watching the different programs on multi TV channels. So the TV programs should be for the common good of the society. They should serve the purpose of entertainment as well as social message. The programs on multi channels should be such that they are not dull and boring. The immense potentialities of multi T.V. channels should be fully exploited to produce programs tending to promote national integration and welfare of the people.



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