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Essay on Holi- The festival of colors in English

Essay on Holi- The festival of colors in English

Essay on Holi- The festival of colors
The Holi is a festival of colours, joys and pleasures. Preparations are made Days Ahead Of The actual day. Colours are bought, they can be dry or in liquid form. All types of colours are purchased in bulk. Our country is a land of festivals. Here all festivals are celebrated with great pomp and show. They are enjoyed in every NOOK and corner of India. Whether it is a town or a village, the enthusiasm of the festival never gets damp. It is rather celebrated with full gusto and force.

Importance of this particular festival Holi i.e. Is too great to be explained in a few lines. It is said that there was a demon king by the name of hiranyakashyap. But an angel boy prahalad., was born to him. The cruel king was at war with his son prahalad.. He wanted to get rid of him so he requested his sister Holika to finish the boy. Holika was now fireproof. She had been blessed with a boon of this nature. She sat in a pit of Fire with prahalad. in her lap. Holika was burnt and the Fire God did not touch prahalad.. The Story goes to prove that those who have full and firm faith in the Almighty go unharmed. No harm can be fall them. It is a festival of amity, Brotherhood and mutual love. It is above the barriers of caste, colours and creed. It develops communal harmony and national integration.

It sprinkles peace and prosperity everywhere. It marks the advent of crop season. It comes during the month of March. Now the winter season is at its fag end and mother earth has yielded a golden harvest. The weather is fine. Cool breezes blow in the mornings and the evenings. Pleasantness reigns supreme. 

Young and old, boys and girls, men and women all celebrate it for fun and pleasure. Through colours and hues they want to convey their mirth and merriment. Holi hai! Holi hai! Rent the air. Dry colours are smeared on the forehead and the embrace follows. Which is again is a sign of brotherhood which shows your pure joy and love for all. Holi is played in the street, at home and also in the market places. This day is a holiday. The schools and colleges are closed. The offices remain closed too. All the precautions are taken lest anything ‘ugly’ or ‘unpleasant’ should take place. The people go to their friends and relatives and play Holi with them. They Sprinkle hues on them and get the same colourful welcome from them too. Gifts and sweets are exchanged. They invite one another for lunch and dinner and drinking. This is all an expression of their happiness. All enmity is forgiven and forgotten. Hostility becomes a thing of the past. Revellers arrange groups of singers and dancers. They sing and dance at the beat of the drum. The whole atmosphere pervades with pleasure. 

But there are some foolish and unwise who indulge in bad practices. They resort to hooliganism in the name of Holi. There rather disgrace this pure festival of colours and merriment. They take resource to stone-pelting on all types of vehicular traffic. This may prove dangerous and fatal too. Some bad elements drink heavily and they create a hell everywhere. Free play of soda-water bottles or ripping of knife etc dampens the very spirit of Holi. This practice needs immediate curbing. Why spoil an atmosphere of goodness? The police move about in streets and crossings and the bazaars to control untoward incident of such nature. Village folks play Holi quite differently. They make cow dung, mud and kerosene oil and bathe people from the top of their houses. Some young women use heavy ropes for flogging. This is their way of deriving pleasure. It is extremely bad and undesirable. Let us enjoy Holi in a true National spirit, remembering always the message of friendship and brotherhood.

Essay on The Festival of Holi (300 words)

The Holi is a festival of colours. Various colours and hues, mirth and Merry-making and the like pervade at the atmosphere. The air is a bit cold. The winter season is bidding good-bye. The summer is knocking at our doors. The gram crop is harvested. Now the people are happy and gay. 

Street urchins and children start sprinkling simple water on the passers-by in the streets. They indulge in this merry-making from the top of their houses. They throw water balloons, sometimes causing a great physical injury. Their fun knows no limitation. Day-in and day-out they are busy in barging these colourful balloons. They freely use plastic pistols, bottles and other toys for sprinkling coloured water.

Now the actual day arrives. Right from the morning, the air is surcharged with merriment. People come out in streets and on the roads. There is a riot of colours all around. They chant songs and Bhajans. They sing Holi. They are in a hilarious mood. They beat the drum thunderously. They dance. Their clothes are dipped in the all sorts of colours. Their faces are not clearly visible. They are beyond proper recognition. Their soiled hands in colours say the same story. They visit their friends and relatives. They play Holi with them. They embrace and hug them. They exchange greetings and pleasantries with their nears and dears.

The holy gives us the message of love, brotherhood and communal harmony. This sacred festival is celebrated by all communities. They enjoy it, forgetting all enmity and bitterness. This is a festival of forgiveness. New friends are made. Relatives who are not on visiting terms, once again brought back to the main stream of happy family life. The joy is endless. It compels all of us to share it with our neighbours. Some sane old people shower rose petals. They express their inner happiness through the language of flowers. What a great occasion! What a great festival! Friend, it is Holi.



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