Sunday, 9 September 2018

Essay on Handsome is he who handsome does

Essay on Handsome is he who handsome does

Handsome is he who handsome does

Real beauty lies in deeds and actions not in features, cuts and figures. People say: Physical beauty and handsomeness is nine days wonder. Then we are again in the dark. Color of skin does not make much difference. The real difference is in deeds.

Our deeds must be noble and glorious. Our actions should speak the language of quality. They should smack of (taste/flavor) beauty. They must reflect goodness and grandeur. They must be fragrant and fruitful. The world may remember you through your noble works. The people may shed copious tears while paying you floral tributes when you are no more. That is the permanent beauty.

Your works will immortalize you. You will live in your deeds forever. One day all of us will cast off our mortal frames. The world is ungrateful. It forgets beautiful queens like Helen of Troy. It has very short memory. Then what is the magical way out. The simple answer is to do maximum good to the maximum number of people. Make big sacrifices. Jump into the sea and search out precious gems and pearls. Give them in alms and charity with both hands. Do not be miserly. Do not be stingy and niggardly. After all you have one life to live. Do not waste it in idle pursuits. Too much of wealth is certainly obnoxious. It gives rise to corruption and looseness of character.

If I spend hours on my makeup, beautifying my face and combing my hairs, it will not make me a thorough gentleman. I will be no better in any way. I am rather foolishly wasting time, money and energy, causing little good to the society. If I utilize an hour a day in performing selfless service to the cause of humanity, I am doing a handsome job in the real sense. I am adding something to social service, to the cause of public welfare. That gives me internal satisfaction. Thas is permanent work of art. It is noble and beautiful.



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