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Essay on Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

Essay on Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

Essay on Are Cell Phones Dangerous
Do cellular phones cause cancer? As you walk through the city market you can look around at all the customers shopping throughout the strict and wonder which one will ask the question first. Cellular phones are sold and many customers are concerned with getting cancer from the phones. In recent years, many scientists have conducted tests, which show that cell phones can cause cancer over a period of time. 

Many shows on television have talked about the tests and show the tests that were performed to determine which ones can cause cancer. Many of the popular phones are proven to cause cancer. Because of this study many customers are concerned about the use of these phones. 

Have you ever wondered if using your cellular phone will cause you to develop cancer and possibly end your life early? This question also helps ask the question why is the number of cellular phone users increasing and at the same time so is the number of brain cancer that is reported? Many questions arise when about the use of the cellular phones, but many of the questions are still unanswered. 

This question first arose in 1993 when a rich man of Florida filed a suit against a company of Japan claiming his late wife's brain cancer was caused or accelerated by cell phone use. In 1995, his case was dismissed from court because the judge said the medical evidence did not prove that the cell phone had accelerated the brain tumors. 

As the study started to decrease the sale of cell phones the companies decided to test the study. Many scientists have discussed the study and have facts that show it is only the p.2 Jundt analogue phones that can cause cancer. These phones run at 800 MHz, verses the digital phones, which run at 1900 MHz. 

Because the analogue phones run at lower frequencies they require more power to work, thus in the long run they can cause cancer. Each phone that was tested was in the same manner. Most companies now are coming out with only digital phones instead of the conventional analogue phones that most people have. Many of the tests that have been conducted also showed that the amount of radio waves that entered the brain depends on how the user holds the phone. 

If the user holds the phone the way it is meant to be held, it points the antenna away from the head and then the phone directs the radio waves through the phone and not the head. The amount of power that is released depends on how far the phone is from the tower. 

Depending on the distance from the tower the phone can release up to sixty per cent of its power around the head, which in return can penetrate up to an inch and a half into the human brain. Many scientists have proven that a small amount of radio waves will enter the body, but such a small amount is actually in the body that it will take over fifty years to see any effects, if any at all. 

Because of these tests many of the companies are spending between twenty-five and thirty billion dollars to conduct their own tests to see if the phones do cause cancer. The scientists have found that depending on how close the phone is to cellular-transmission the phone can release as much as sixty per cent of the power around the user's head. 

A famous researcher that was hired by the cellular phone industry conducted this study.  Because the population in the world is constantly rising, seventeen thousands Americans will be diagnosed as having cancer of the brain or central nervous system this year and twelve thousands will die of the disease. 

Brain cancer in the United States has increased about one per cent per year since 1973 and the death rate has increased less than one per cent per year.  Increase of brain cancer is seen mainly in people who are sixty five years of age or older.  For this age group the death rates have increased three per cent since 1973. For people under the age sixty five the death rate has only increased half of a percent in each year.  Because of this many companies are wondering if the use of cell phones has an effect on the brain.

In 1998, the cellular phone industry added a record thirteen million users.  As the uses of cellular phones increase so does the incidence of brain cancer.  However because there are more cell phones users in the world it does not reflect why brain cancer has also increased. The number of patients diagnose with brain cancer has risen simply because of the increase in population throughout the world.

However, the stocks of the companies slowly began to drop as the result of these studies. In the studies that have been conducted the cellular phones show no signs of causing brain cancer. They have been shown to cause cancer in mice, but the studies also explain that the mice require less power to develop the signs. 



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