Monday, 24 September 2018

Application to the Principal of your school requesting for fee concession.

Application to the Principal of your school requesting for fee concession

Application to Principal for fee concession

Mohan bagan hostel,
Ansari road,
Daryaganj, delhi.
January 28 2018.
The Principal
St. Anthony senior secondary school,
Daryaganj, Delhi.

I am a student of 12th class, Section A of your school. I request you to grant full fee concession to me on the basis of my poverty.
I am the daughter of very poor parents. We are six brothers and sisters. All of us are getting education. My father is a postman. He gets a very petty pay-packet. We live from hand to mouth. It is extremely difficult to make both ends meet. In such a meager pay the problem of food is hardly to be solved. The question of pursuing education scarcely arises.

But even then I am firmly resolved to continue it. I am a very bright student. Right from 6th standard I have been standing first in all my examinations. Even in the Board examinations of 2016, I stood first in my school. You yourself patted me. In the 11th class Annual Examination, my performance was quite superior.

I am the monitor of the class. I am the captain of School Hockey Team. Let poverty not come in the way of my progress. You are respectfully requested to grant me full fee studentship. It will help me to pursue my studies without any hardship. If possible please help me with books and school dress. I shall ever remain grateful to you for this big consideration.
Thanking you,
Your faithfully,
Priyanka Dixit



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