Sunday, 26 August 2018

Short Paragraph On A Rainy Day In Winter

Short Paragraph On A Rainy Day In Winter
A Rainy Day In Winter
A rainy day in winter is really a big nuisance. It gives trouble to one and all. Nobody likes a rainy day in winter. Clothes get wet. There is mud and filth everywhere. The roads and streets become extremely dirty and slippery. No one likes to move out. All prefer to remain indoors and in quilt. It is good to be by the side of Fire. By chance someone has to go out, he would curse his lot. The biting cold would freeze him to the skin and body. His teeth will clatter. He shivers with excessive cold. This rain may be useful to the farmers for crops of wheat, cotton and sugarcane. A farmer May welcome the rain in winter, but to a common man especially a city bred will hate and dislike the very sight of rain during the month of December and January. Such a rainy day is inauspicious and a constant source of trouble. 



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